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Disabling mirrored drive setups

By davcav5 ·
hi i have a friend that has a server with mirrored drives he wants to reset everything so he can use the drives independantly( the system was given to him ) he asked if i new anything about mirrored drives but unfortunately my knowledge fails me..........would just formatting the 2nd drive and setting the jumper at slave work? any help here would be greatly appreciated

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by dafe2 In reply to Disabling mirrored drive ...

My advice would be to format both drives. You shouldn't need to do anything with drive jumpers.

Never trust a system that was given to you, no matter the source.

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'Unmirroring' drives

by Dennis.Rhine In reply to Disabling mirrored drive ...

The first thing you would need to do is to locate the setup disk for the server or at least the controller. Most major vendors have a setup CD that will allow you to change the way that the controller views the drives installed plus many other things in the BIOS and other controllers. Most also start the setup procedure for the OS you wnat to install

You probably won't be able to simply 'change the jumpers' because if it was a purpose-built server it is probably running SCSI drives that use ID's instead of Master/Slave (IDE). Good luck on the update!

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Your right but

by dafe2 In reply to 'Unmirroring' drives

Thanks for picking up the 'slack' on my post.

In this case I read the word server 'loosely' - with a standard IDE or SCSI disc subsystem & W2K software based disk mirror. Software based disc manager. (Meaning a PC with 2K server installed)

But your right HP, DELL and others offer hardware based disk mirroring technologies and require the proprietary SSD's to reconfigure disk controllers or in the case of HP and (past) Compaq Servers, the setup partition.

Once the mirror is reconfigure the disk(s) should be formatted & a fresh OS installed.

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JUST Break the RAID

by jhansen In reply to Disabling mirrored drive ...

if its a hardware raid, boot into the bios of the controller card. (a special key pressing will be required to enter. Watch carefully when the computer is booting)

If its a software raid

start-> controll panel -> administrator tools -> computer management -> disk manager

In there you will see the drives and a status message. It will be necessary to break the raid from that screen if its being controlled by windows.

when the raid is broken, use the disk manager to format and repartition the freed up disk.
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