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By freshuan ·
FORGOT TO "SELECT A TOPIC" with email just sent minutes ago.

TechRepublic Article:
"Disable NetBIOS and SMB to protect public Web servers."

i was/am particularly interested in the attractiveness of the security measures mentioned in this article.

i have been experiencing system crashes, identified as, being the result of "Nbt.sys driver," problems.

i made the suggested changes.

however, after making these changes, i was unable to connect to the internet, don't even have an ip address any more.

my question, my need for help, revolves around how to undo the changes i made, by following the instructions in the article; my computer operates, but, i have no internet access, no ip address!

obviously, i am relatively new to the computer world (8/03). i have never taken any formal classes (and i realize, with this posting; it shows); but i spend a lot of time emailing, browsing the internet, and "tinkering."

while i learn much through this practice, i also get myself into trouble, frequently; trouble that, as with this case, is costing me valuable time, since i don't have ability, now, to access the internet with my computer.

fortunately, for me and my limited knowledge; i don't tinker with my "registry."

i have attempted system restore, with no success.

i have gone into device manager, expanded "non plug and play drivers, and after right clicking on NetBIOS over Tcpip, and selecting enable; i am prompted to direct my system to the driver needed for re-installation; and since i don't know where to find that driver, i have been unable to re-install it.

similarly, when trying to re-install drivers, in the properties section of my "LAN"; i don't know where to find the drivers to reinstall "client for microsoft services, and file and printer sharing"; and thus can't re-install them.

any help is greatly appreciated. my specific need is to regain the use of my "dell inspiron 8600 notebook."

many thanks, in advance


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Disabling NetBIOS, SMB ; ...

The driver that you need is on the Install CD. If it's a MS CD it will be in the i386 Folder and when you click on Browse you'll be given the name of the file that you need.

If it's on a System Restore CD I'm not overly sure where it will be as they SlipStream the necessary Drivers and delete any unnecessary Windows Components that do not apply to that particular Hardware. If you have a i386 Folder I would look there and if you don't then you'll have to look around on the CD till you find the listed file in the bottom of the open window. Once you find this file just left click on it and chose Install or whatever other option you are given to use that file to install the protocol that you are tyring to reinstall.


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