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Disabling Paste Function

By rawle ·
I am in need of urgent help with this project. Have you ever worked with 300+ page documents and want to run a blackline program on them, but because someone pasted something "hideous" in the document, you are unable to compare 2 versions of the same document or even compare it to another document? Well, I find that I am faced with this issue daily at my place of employment.

Can anyone tell me how to disable the Paste function and/or write a macro that would only open the "Paste Special" option when the user tries to paste text in Word? I would like to try and force this option, as explaining the problems this causes in documents does not work.

I am looking for an answer real fast

Thanks all.

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by DKlippert In reply to Disabling Paste Function

Have you tried Tools>Protect document and adding a password?

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by rawle In reply to

These documents are revised continuously and cannot be locked. The only problem is he Paste Function.

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by Konza In reply to Disabling Paste Function

If you turn on track changes, you should be able to immediately find any changes and compare documents.

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by rawle In reply to

I am not trying to find changes and/or compare documents. We are using a third party software to compare documents or different versions of documents. What I am trying to do is stop users from pulling text from the internet and pasting into word. I want to force them to use the Paste Special option and pasting Unformatted Text.

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by lauren In reply to Disabling Paste Function

Know you're looking for an answer real fast, but I just
came across this...

You can use the Tools, Customize option to remove the
Paste command from the toolbar and menu, leaving
only the Paste Special... command. You would need to
do this on each desktop. Of course, if the user/updater
knows how to use the Tools, Customize... command (or
how to reset toolbars) this will be for naught...

The other thing I did (on my Mac) was create a macro
that Insert plain text and then created a toolbar button
for this. I do copy and paste from one application to
another and this does help me a lot! The macro looks
like this:

Sub IPT()
' IPT Macro
' Macro recorded 9/10/03 by Lauren Kreisberg
Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=
wdPasteText, Placement:= _
wdInLine, DisplayAsIcon:=False
End Sub

Note that the macro commands may be different on the
PC! You can just record selecting the ?unformatted text?
option from Paste Special (which is what I did). Then I
created a tool and stuck it on the tool bar next to the
other Paste commands.

Hope this helps!

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by rawle In reply to

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by rawle In reply to Disabling Paste Function

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