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Disabling port on a Proxy server

By scottara2 ·
I have a Microsoft NT 4.0 server running Proxy 2.0.

I'm compiling a list of ports that are used by different Instant Messanging products which I need to shutdown or disable.

How can I shutdown or disable these ports on my Proxy server?

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Disabling port on a Proxy server

by acattr In reply to Disabling port on a Proxy ...

you set filters, but guess what, even though AIM users 5190 by default, AIM can try to use just about any port it can find. AIM connects to This name has two servers at IP addresses and

If you don't want anybody using AIM on the network at all. simply set a route on the proxy server for these two address to point to a non existing router.

route add -p mask
route add -p mask

Where is an unused address on your local network.

When a user tries to connect to AIM, the proxy server will try to forward the packet destined for to the non existing router and it will fail to connect.

If you want to block some people only. Then create a DNS zone for AOL on your DNS servers. Add AOL's current MX and www record, and create a false entry for to point toanother address. Then set those that you do want to use AIM to connect to instead of in thier AIM preferences.

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