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Disadvantages of 256MG module

By gbat312 ·
I'm upgrading my SRAM. I was told that there are disadvantages of using just one 256MB module rather than using two 128 MB modules. Can you advise? What are the disadvantages. Also are there disadvantages to using two 64 MB modules rather than using a 128 MB module? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to Disadvantages of 256MG mo ...

I suspect that they are refering to that some motherboards must be populated in pairs ie 2 modules of same type and size must always be present. Venders make more money when you buy 2 128's instead of 1 x 256 is another issue.

The memory you install must both be the the same speed and type but aside from that the only other prerequisite is that the memory be installed based on the rules set forth for the motherboard. If the motherboard requires 2 modules at all times or requires that modules be installed in pairs or requires modules to be added in equal sizes only then you must adhere to this spec.


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by jschein In reply to Disadvantages of 256MG mo ...


People advise 1 x 256mb module as compared to 2 X 128mb modules for the pure fact that the transitions on bits and information between one higher mb module is faster than between 2 lower modules...

Also, as stated above, if the bus speed of the modules are different, the computer will select the lowest available bus speed compatible with both modules.

This is the reasoning for 1 x 256mb module or 1 x 512mb module. Bad thing is if that module burns out, hopefully you have spares... only downside to it.

Good luck

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by TheChas In reply to Disadvantages of 256MG mo ...

Some motherboards do run better with ALL RAM sockets loaded with the same size modules.
If ALL modules are the same, it is even better.

Many older motherboards have problems with newer 256MB DIMMs.

2 128MB DIMMs will run a little bit cooler than 1 256MB DIMM.

As a side note:
Don't take Windows 95, 98 or Me above 511MB of RAM.


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