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    Disagree with company policies and/or management styles?


    by comphelpnj ·

    I?ve read stories how people quit over bad bosses. Some even quit because they can?t get along with their fellow co-workers. But how many of you have quit because you disagreed with company policies and/or management styles? Is it really worth being out of work because you don?t like the way your company conducts business ? assuming they are doing everything legally?
    This can be a tough decision if you believe those policies are either ethically or morally wrong, but still legal. Would it make a difference whether you are forced to take part in those activities, or is simply working for such a company reason enough to quit?

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      Once worked for a computer broker

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to Disagree with company policies and/or management styles?

      who would coach us on how to lie to customers, bully us to get more sales, and even would listen to our sales calls on the speaker-phone in the company president’s office.

      the president of the company would bring stolen car stereos and stolen radar detectors to the office to sell on Monday mornings.

      While these people really could throw a party (owned private jet, would drop ten grand in Atlantic City on a weekend), it was not a pleasant place to work.

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      I’ve done it

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Disagree with company policies and/or management styles?

      I got a job at a brokerage firm when I was younger. It was a gateway to becoming a broker – you got assistance with the securities course. My paying role was to be a qualifier, someone who would get people on the mailing list.

      But I discovered after a while that the over the counter gold mining stocks we were selling were pretty much like playing the lottery, though our brokers didn’t really describe it in those terms. And my job was to find people who would take the newsletter, and have a broker call them in a few months.

      When I understood just how bad it was, I started looking, and left wihtin 6 weeks. I still feel guilty that I lead lambs to the slaughter.


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        sounds like…

        by —tk— ·

        In reply to I’ve done it

        the movie “Boiler Room”… hm… maybe they got their idea from the movie…

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          This was long before then….

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to sounds like…

          I’d say the movie got their plot from some real life boiler rooms. I didn’t hear the term until I’d been there for a few months.

          I was there about 20 years before the movie.


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      Not in a tech job…

      by notsochiguy ·

      In reply to Disagree with company policies and/or management styles?

      …but I did leave a PT gig with H&R Block over a difference in philosophy.

      Personally, I couldn’t reconcile charging people who are only getting back a few hundred bucks loan shark-esque interests rates/fees for refund loans; knowing that an e-file would only take a day or two longer.

      Is it possible I was way off base?? I would have to say yes, I could have been totally wrong in my perception. However, I slept better the night I quit than I had the several before; and that’s all I need to validate the decision.

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