Disappearing Desk Top Icons

By chicago57 ·
I have an HP Desktop Pavillion A6603, with Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 1, Intel Pentium(R) Dual Cpu E2220 @ 2.40 GHz-2.40GHz respectively when I put the computer to sleep, or leave it unattended and it goes to sleep on its own my desktop dissappears including the taskbar so I can't get to the start button to shutdown normally.This forces me to shut down with a hard boot and restart.This closes Windows abnormally and it attempts to restart with a choice screen of"TO start Windows Normally Press any Key".Additionally, when my computer starts up it is slow now and I have two desktop.ini icons showing on my desk top that are slightly faded. I also have a graphics pack I put on from a third party source that I believe is conflicting with Vista, when I try to uninstall it, The installation Wizard Window opens saying there is a problem and until HP finds a solution it will notify me. I called HP but they are not much help yet or just seem uninterested all they di was try to reset the timeing on how long my Destop should stay open until it goes to sleep.This has been going on for a week now and I have done a system restore. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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Some thoughts on your list

by Kenone In reply to Disappearing Desk Top Ico ...

A. you could use task manager to log off / shut down
B. there should only be one desktop.ini file and it's a hidden file that's why it's faded
C third party software uninstall is third party's problem, contact them. If it won't uninstall that's a bad sign, very bad.
D is your PC going to standby or hibernate?

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Thanks for getting back to me so quick

by chicago57 In reply to Some thoughts on your lis ...

1. The two desktop.ini files are two different sizes. 1 is 174 bytes and the 2nd is 282 bytes.What do I do about this?
2.What should be done about the third party software?
3.The desktop disappears when I leave it unattended for about 10-15 minutes or if I manually put it to sleep.
4.I have been trying to wake itr up by using mouse like usual.Computer was bought Jan 2,09

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How are you attempting to wake it from sleeping before you shut down?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Disappearing Desk Top Ico ...

Usually, when you put a computer to sleep (or it gets there by itself), there is a standard procedure for waking it from a sleep. Are you pressing the power button briefly to wake it?

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Awake from sleep

by chicago57 In reply to How are you attempting to ...

Thanks for quick response.
1. No, I have been just using mouse to awake.
2.Any thoughts on two desktop.ini files 1 is 174 bytes the other is 282 bytes.
3.Any thoughts on taking out the software from third party? Andy

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See how you go with this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Disappearing Desk Top Ico ...

The two desktop.ini files were exposed when you unchecked Hide protected operating system files. The icons appear translucent or faded.

If you are having problems uninstalling the graphics pack you can try this.

Navigate to the folder and delete it. Restart the System and then run this but back up the Registry as you go.

Download and install CCleaner to tidy up your Registry. Backup the Registry as you go along, rescan again and again saving as you go until there are no errors left.

Cleaner: Windows

When you first open Ccleaner you will have an option to Analyze or Run Cleaner, after checking the left Pane and making your choices. Delete all Temp Files. If you scroll down you will see a greyed out box that has Advanced next to it. Left click on it and keep pressing OK to all of the responses. I normally Uncheck Windows Log Files and Memory Dumps as they may come in handy.

You don't have to install all of the add ons or shortcuts just the one to the Desktop.

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by btwicemon In reply to Disappearing Desk Top Ico ...

A last known good recovery might have help in the onset. At this stage, a delete of cookies and internet files, then defrag. Adjust screen saver setting to something reasable for your time of actual use. Also, check your registry local machine settings.Desktop cleanup would not hurt and take out the garbage (recycle). Cleanhouse of I don't use.

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Thanks fo all trhe all help

by chicago57 In reply to bmon8749

What we figured out with the help of a good IT Tech who was patient with my problem was that I had a corrupted hard drive and basically did a full recovery.Fortunately I am up and running again and this has taught me some valuable lessons on who I let screw around on my computer because I had found some things Iwasn't to happy with. I appreciate all the responses and how quick people reacted to my problem.Thank You.

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