Disappearing Downloads - Vista

By patandduke ·
HP Pavilion home edition pc purchased 8-08 with Vista OS installed. Everything running fine until January 09 when downloads began to disappear: meaning, I will attempt to download something, no error message is given, simply asked Save/Run, I click Save, and download apparently proceeds normally. But at the end, there is nothing there in the download folder.(This subject has been discussed before at ths forum I believe.) Techs have checked the machine, offered various theories. I just downloaded Vista SP2, which was thought would fix the problem, but it has not. Also have IE8 installed, same thing. I also have Firefox browser installed, and downloads disappear from that as well. Microsoft doesn't even list this problem as a fixable thing Inability to download anything is a tremendous hardship in my work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Pat Duke

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I find that sometimes

by tintoman In reply to Disappearing Downloads - ...

Depending on the download source the download will by default go to C:\Users\Username\Downloads others it goes to C:\Users\Username\Documents\Downloads you need to carefully check the download location before you click the save button!

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Disappearing downloads

by patandduke In reply to I find that sometimes

I have checked all of those locations, but nothing there in any of them. I've recently seen a post that it is a AVG problem, and I am running AVG anti-virus and that it should be uninstalled and then reinstalled using specific safe steps. Or a possible conflict with AVG and Microsoft Office (which I also have).

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by shasca In reply to Disappearing downloads

Did you do a search of the hard drive after downloading? Has to be somewhere there if it showed no errors, and completed.

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In that case

by tintoman In reply to Disappearing downloads

You could try disabling the AVG and try the download again?

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Have you tried Running IE as Admin?

by dpcarp In reply to Disappearing Downloads - ...

Right-click on IE and select "Run as Administrator"

Your download should work as expected.

I know it's a work-around, but I'm still looking into the issue. I didn't want to pass by without putting my two cent's worth.

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It's always due to 'download/save path truncation' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Disappearing Downloads - ...

Invariably, due to the character length of the filepath (where the actual downloaded file is being saved to) it is nigh impossible to actually SEE where the file will be saved to.

Assumptions are therefore made as to what details were missing in the truncation - and those assumptions are ALWAYS wrong.

To put it simply, you are convinced that you know where the files went, but you don't.

All the downloads exist - it's just that you haven't figured out where they are.

*As an aside:
If you took the trouble to read the details of the way that Vista runs, you would realise that when you run a SEARCH for these 'missing files', the Vista system assumes that you've already looked in the PROPER location (where the files WERE downloaded to) and DOES NOT INCLUDE that location in the path of the search. :)

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