Disappearing OS

By IT2MD ·
Is it possible for my OS to disappear...I have a Gateway Tablet PC that i purchased a little over a year ago...It came preinstalled with MS Windows XP Tablet PC Edition...although I didn't use the tablet feature that much, i know that it did work...well recently, i tried to use the tablet feature and it doesn't respond to the pen. When i look at the it indicates MS Windows XP Prof Ver.5.0 Tablet PC edition...what gives, where did my tablet os go? and why doesn't my pen work...I just brainstorming here, but could my tablet OS gotten uninstalled or reverted back to Windows XP Prof.?

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You are looking at your Tablet OS

by OH Smeg In reply to Disappearing OS

MS Windows XP Pro Ver.5.0 SP2
This is telling you that the Tablet OS is actually loaded as the Tablet OS is a form of XP Pro.

The OS could have been removed if you chose to remove it and reinstall the XP Pro OS but this isn't something that happens by Mistake it has to be a deliberate Act and you need to watch it install the XP OS for about 1 hour. During this time you need to enter the Product Key and other configuration specifications.

As for the Stylist no longer working make sure that the Stylist & Touch Screen Drivers are actually working and try opening the Control Panel and updating the Drivers for these.

When you Boot the Tablet what does the Windows Splash Screen tell you is happening?


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Windows Splash Screen

by IT2MD In reply to You are looking at your T ...

Thanks for responding...

When I boot the Tablet, all it says is Windows XP ...and there used to be a on-screen keyboard that used to come up but doesn't anymore as of yesterday...Gateway told me to reinstall the digital ink driver (didn't help) or buy a new stylus...but the original hasn't been used that much and its been stored in the PC so how could it have broken?

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There are many ways that Software can break

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows Splash Screen

The most likely though is that a M$ Hot Patch caused some software to stop working. Ink only is for directly inputting lines on the screen drawn freehand or signatures into things so I don't think that is the issue.

The Stylist are just there and don't do much unless it is one of the Active Stylists. If that's the case if you can replace the Battery or you may need to replace it if it's not possible to change the Battery. Some of the Active Stylists get recharged while plugged into the Tablet and if not used the battery gets damaged by lack of use. If you have one of these you can try removing it from the Tablet and putting it through several Discharge Charge cycles and see if that brings the battery back to something that is usable. It may but it may not. These batteries are the same as NB/Tablet Batteries the more that they get used the longer they last.

As for what is actually running open the Task Manager the click on the Processes Tab and scroll down the list. See if you can launch the On Screen Keyboard and Ink and see if they appear in the Running Processes.

It's possible that a M$ Patch or some other installed software has caused the Preloaded Software to break and stop working.

If none of that helps post back whit what is happening and someone here will try to answer you.


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