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Disappointed in Symantec

By Roger99a ·
I'm really dissapointed in the performance of my Symatec Anti-virus software. I've had two occasions lately where network aware viruses have propogated in spite of Norton's protection. The latest was a virus Norton couldn't even identify, much less clean. Is anyone else finding their anti-virus software coming up short?

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Then use McAfee.

by jbaker In reply to Disappointed in Symantec
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Never McAfee

by Roger99a In reply to Then use McAfee.

I remember the years when I would get spam and pop-up ads from McAfee. I decided then never to use McAfee. I also won't use Panda for a similar reason. If you ever give Panda your email address they seem to think that they can advertise to you forever.

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happy with eTrust

by grbeckmeyer In reply to Disappointed in Symantec

Currently running v7.1 and have not had any problems. Not sure about current versions of Symantec, but I know older versions only updated sigs weekly by default - WAY too long in my book. Ever since v6 of eTrust I've had mine set to every 4 hours.

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We will

by Roger99a In reply to happy with eTrust

We are switching to eTrust this year. I had to use the trial version to clean these infected machines that Symantec allowed to get infected.

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I'm running Symantec AV Corp 8.0 on my XP machine

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Disappointed in Symantec

and I have not had a single virus infiltrate my PC. Your problem is most likely outdated engine and virus signature files, not Norton itself. I know that the retail version of Norton Antivirus for PCs' sucks and will not work with Windows XP SP2, as SP2 does something to the registry that kills Norton AV. The Corp edition of Symantec works well and I have yet to see it fail.

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I could have said the same

by Roger99a In reply to I'm running Symantec AV C ...

I could have said the same thing two months ago. I've had Symantec Enterprise for four years and it's just recently began to fail me. And I was using SAV 9 with new definitions.

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anti-virus problems in general

by jattas In reply to Disappointed in Symantec

Norton, has never been a good virus detector for PC's. It had a cult following in MACs, but even that as usual was not justified. Both Norton and McAfee run slow unless you are using a late model 2-3Ghz PC. Have been through this. When running some legacy compaq's p2 200 Mhz, the speed was excruciating and the only solution was to scan at the end of the day before logoff. Personally I am a HUGE fan of AVG GRI Soft anti-virus, which is available free! what a product. updates occur more often today than in the past. at least once a week, more often every other day. Check it out.

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Corporate or Personal

by kshaurette In reply to anti-virus problems in g ...

AVG is free for personal use, but not as a corporate solution. For an enterprise a corporate edition of AV with nearly hourly updates of signatures can be configured. I update my personal AVG at least every other day, it seems AVG gets updates quite often. I"ve never had any virus outbreak at the corporate level using Norton and being smart enough not to click on any unknown attachments.

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Well I'll tell you what

by metmichallica In reply to Disappointed in Symantec

I really like Mcafee Antivirus, even though their support isn't so good. I have never had a problem with it not catching viruses and trojans. Norton on the other hand I had loads of problems, I am using Norton right now, but it's only a trial. I plan to buy Mcafee. I was using Mcafee with msn, but then we got rid of msn so I had to get rid of Mcafee.

Maybe I should uninstall Norton and install the Mcafee trial till I buy Mcafee, which will be soon. I probably should have installed Mcafee to begin with.

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