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    Disaster Recovery and business continuation help


    by jviola ·

    We are looking into DR and BC right now and I could use some input.

    We are a small company of about 31 employees. We have one site, which is our main office. At the main office we have 3 windows 2003 servers and 2 Linux servers. The 3 windows servers are:
    1. File/print server – AD
    2. Exchange 2003 server – AD
    3. Terminal Server(RDP)/web/SQL – member

    The 2 linux servers are:
    1. Development
    2. ASP server for a few customers.

    We are going to purchase 2 servers and put them at a remote location – yet to be determined.

    I would like to virtualize the linux servers and use rsync through a VPN tunnel to keep them current at the remote location.

    The windows servers I plan on creating 2 virtual servers – one for terminal services, web and SQL and the other for file/print services and AD.

    So on the 1 physical server at the remote location I will have 2 virtual linux and 2 virtual windows running and the other physical server will have exchange on it.

    1. What is the best way to replicate windows files/AD/SQL/Exchange, so that I have a current or near current copy if the main site goes down?

    2. I’m going to have a VPN tunnel between the sites, should the other site be the same domain(, a tree in the domain( or a separate domain(

    Any help would be appreciated. Also, if this is the wrong approach please let me know why?


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