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March 2004 will mark Mike Talon's 100th column for the Disaster Recovery e-newsletter. In celebration of this milestone, we're giving members the chance to help influence the direction of this column. Tell us what you need to know about effective disaster recovery planning! Post your requests in this special discussion forum, and tell Mike Talon what you want to read about in upcoming columns.

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lost discussion

by diammeter In reply to Disaster Recovery e-newsl ...

Somewhere here or elsewhere I tried to start a discussion abut computer crashes but it does not appear to be listed in my discussions. It was about an Easy PC disk whixh caused a really bad crash and I can answer my own query having gone in to degut the chicken as it were. The main problem was that Quickclean had lost a *dll and had caused several runtime errors, starting with one of its own programs, and ending up knockin gout my modem. How Windows 98 does this is beyond me - and where do all those lost *dll go to? I had an unattached collection at one point after a lengthy defrag so I put them all in a folder called "Zoo", but Quickclean is supposed to get rid of strays and not lose its own software!

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Other DR Topics of Interest

by myreb In reply to Disaster Recovery e-newsl ...

From the DR professionals I talk to in companies, they are looking for the following ideas or info:

1) Best Guess Avg Recovery Times and Recovery Points from the available category of solutions in the marketplace (Tape, SAN, HA Replication, etc...)

2) How to get use out of the backup data (SAN / HA Replication)for creative ways to show more value to CIO - f.i., using backup data to do Business Intelligence or reporting from the second copy of the data reducing workload on production system

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by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Other DR Topics of Intere ...

Great suggestions. The first topic is one we try to cover on a regular basis. The second is a variation on one of my themes, and one you will definitely see again.

Mike Talon

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DR for Healthcare entities

by LVA In reply to Disaster Recovery e-newsl ...

I would like to suggest a piece focused on disaster recovery specific to healthcare entities in light of the HIPAA security rules.

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And thank you too.

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to DR for Healthcare entitie ...

We've done a few columns on HIPAA compliance and its impact on DR. This is another one of those topics that comes up regularly, so please keep reading the column for the next one on HIPAA.

Mike Talon

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Risk Assessment

by liwanar In reply to DR for Healthcare entitie ...

How to do a Risk, Threat, Vulnerability Assessment?

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How to do a risk assessment process

by avlesper In reply to Risk Assessment

As a project trainee for a software company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in India, i would like to know how a disaster can occur to a company which is situated on a hillock region where no tornado, hurricane or any other disaster caused by wind can't happen. The only threats that are faced by the company are earthquake, bomb threat, war, terrorist attack. In this case how can i calculate the risk assessment for the company and the ways to do a vulnerability analysis for this particular company?

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Fear Not! I'm reading these

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Disaster Recovery e-newsl ...

Yes, your friendly author is indeed checking this forum for your feedback. The editors have promised to poke me with a sharp stick if I don't.

So, please keep the ideas coming!

Mike Talon

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Open Source Backup Utilities

Are there any Open Source Backup utilities? Something along the spirit of Shareware?

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Yes, there are

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Open Source Backup Utilit ...

Quite a few actually. I reccomend checking out the sections within that handle software reviews and reccomendations.

Mike Talon

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