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    Disaster Recovery Plans


    by cb admin ·

    Does anybody have a complete disaster recovery plan in place? I have a plan in place, but I don’t think is complete. My company is located on a building where a terrorist attack is very possible, I guess you can say it’s a highly potential target. With the current situation that the USA is going through, there have been many bomb threats at our building, fortunately all have been fake.

    So I have been asked to come up with a complete plan that in case of such event, our company can resome operations at different location if necessary.

    So does anyone know of a company in Chicago, preferrably not in the downtown area, that specializes in this area. I need a company that can provide the whole deal, replacement equipment, internetand telephone service as well a office space ( I believe they are called hot sites).

    Thanks in advance, and is anybody else in this situation and what are you doing to prepare for it?

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      I cannot provide you with one

      by areets ·

      In reply to Disaster Recovery Plans

      I have worked for a number of companies, so it would not be professional of me. If you have precise questions or ideas you have but not sure of, then I probably can help.


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        by cb admin ·

        In reply to I cannot provide you with one

        What I need is names of companies that specialize in this. More specifically, I need a company that can provide temporary offices equiped with data and voice cabling, I already have a company that can deliver replacement equipment anywhere I tell them to, and I also a have check list of what I need to do to start the recover process, I’ll just need a company that provide the space equiped with cabling and that can also offer internet and telephone services.


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          If your company is big enough

          by rickydoo ·

          In reply to Thanks

          Perhaps you could split your resources.
          I have not heard of companies that would let office space go dormant until disaster strikes, but that doesn’t mean it does not exist.
          In the event of a disaster in one specific area, the available office space in surrounding areas will most likely be booked solid within hours. If you were able to split your company operations between two smaller but relatively spacious locations, such as sales top level management at one end of town and finance and HR at another, then resources such as cabling, comm and Internet access would be already available and redundancy could be set up for information storage and other IT resources via VPN or leased line, allowing you to move the affected departments to theunaffected location with only replacement equipment supplied by your contact.
          Depending on the cost of office space in your area and your budget, this could be a viable alternative.

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