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Disaster recovery reliability

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Tell us what you think about the importance of reliability, as featured in the June 11th Disaster Recovery e-newsletter. How does client data loss affect your organization?

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Good start, but

by JGlennCRP In reply to Disaster recovery reliabi ...

As a Business Continuity planner I preach that IT is a RESOURCE and - in most cases - NOT the reason a company is in business. I happily concede that IT is a CRITICAL resource, but focusing solely on IT for Business Continuity (which includes Disaster Recovery - and more) is a mistake. Moreover, even if IT is the focus, other departments are necessary to help IT avoid, or recover from, a disaster condition; other departments therefor become "critical resources" as well. By all means, protect IT, but realize that (in most cases) it is a support operation for the busienss processes that are the reason a commercial, non-profit, or government organization exists.

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Agreed, in some points

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Good start, but


You will note that most of my articles point out that IT DR is only part of a Business Continutity Plan. What I am pointing out here is that any modern business will find themselves crippled without IT resources, and therefore should not overlook the entire resource just because they may not need one portion of it (specific data, specific systems etc).

Mike Talon

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Value of a plan.

by sfenner In reply to Disaster recovery reliabi ...

The value of a DR plan is not just in keeping the business running. How many clients ask about your DR plan before they do business with you? If you have your choice of airlines to fly, wouldn't you choose the one with the best customer service records? Companies typically do due diligence in choosing a vendor and should ask about DR preparedness.
A good DR plan can also be used in promotional material for the company.

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Agreed, completely!

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Value of a plan.

Many companies now ask about DR plans before signing major contracts, or demand SLA's that limit the amount of downtime no matter what causes the outtage.

As for the airlines, this one didn't get too many complaints in the baggage department, butyou can bet my associates are taking their business elsewhere as we speak =)

Mike Talon

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Preaching to the converted

by draco vulgaris In reply to Disaster recovery reliabi ...

Virtually everyone who will read the article already has a Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity plan or is busy writing one.

Everything you wrote is true with the possible exeception of the statement that the airline "lost" your bag. Thebag probably went to Chicago or Dallas or some other incorrect destination and probably was returned to you within a day or two if you had a tag with your name and address on it.

It does happen all the time! Not because they don't try to preventit but because fallible human beings are involved in the process. I expect that the nuisance and expense in finding the stuff and getting it back to its owners are substantial. If
you have a fool-proof method to allow the airlines to get all luggage to its destination on time, at a reasonable cost, you could be a very rich man!

Instead of dwelling on this problem, try offering solutions and techniques that we might want to incorporate in our own planning process!

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Unfortunately. . .

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Preaching to the converte ...

The unfortunate reality is that, while almost every large organization is working on a DR or BC plan, the majority of smaller organizations are not adequately concerned with preventing or recovering from disasters of any size. Survey after survey shows that there simply isn't enoug bugetary movement toward these ideas outside of the enterprise-level insdustry. Far too many small to mid-size companies are putting too much faith in poorly managed tape-based backup systems, and far too many findthemselves out of business after a serious failure.

As for the airlines and my bag, well, it's been nearly two months and no sign of it. I'm guessing it is not in Dallas =)

Mike Talon

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No data loss

by Amanda-Bob In reply to Disaster recovery reliabi ...

In my 17 years of network administration, I have never lost one bit of data. If the company does not want to support disaster recovery, I don't work for them.

Robert Teague
Director of Information Technology
Tomball College

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A challenging response

by rhughes5 In reply to No data loss

That was a very challenging response and an excellent track record. Just wondering if you have a BCP/DR template for success that you would share.


Rex Hughes
Senior Consusltant
Networking & Computing Services

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