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Disaster Recovery - Repair install hangs at splash screen

By Power4350 ·
Hi, I am currently trying to recover from a crashed AD domain controller. The problem is such that I have to restore to new hardware.

The old hardware was a clone server using an Intel SE7320SP2 Server Board, and the new hardware is an IBM x3650 server with SAS\SCSI controller in a RAID 5 configuration.

I have restored from backup, and have tried a repair install of the Windows 2003 R2 but the install hangs at the splash screen. I have double checked the RAID drivers and have run a fixmbr and fixboot commands from the recovery console, but every time I try to complete or restart the Repair Install the server hangs at the Windows splash screen.

Anyone have any ideas that I can try short of a full rebuild?

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Can you

by Jacky Howe In reply to Disaster Recovery - Repai ...

get into Safe Mode. If you can, uninstall the Video Drivers and see how you get on.

Keep us posted.

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Won't go into safe mode..

by Power4350 In reply to Can you

I tried to get into safe mode to uninstall as many drivers as possible but it said that setup can't run in safe mode.

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I think

by Jacky Howe In reply to Won't go into safe mode..

that because the setups are so different it wont come to the party. Having the added burden of trying to restore from backup, I really dont like the looks of the outcome.

Someone else may have some ideas.

< rethink >

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S what you are saying is you're re-insatlling from old hardware to new?

That is not how to do a restore.
You have to restore to the same hardware setup or (like you are having now) you will throw the computer way way off centre. A rebuild is what you are looking at right now, unless you can use the command console. From here you can do the repair but you will be working with different codes and inputs, you will have no Window (GUI) (Graphic user interface), just a black screen with white text. You will need certain commands to do the repair of which you will need a very very good book.
Some command prompt codes here:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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I understand the complexity of the problem....

by Power4350 In reply to S what you are saying is ...

And believe me I would restore to the same hardware if I had it, but I don't. A command prompt doesn't put me off. In fact my problem as I see it is that the system hangs in a splash screen, If I could see what process had successfully completed before the system hung, I could have some way of forming a plan of attack. Thanks anyway.

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