Disc Boot failure

By jameskeyworth1 ·
Hi all, Please bare with me as I am relatively new to this game!
But, I can't get my pc to boot up into windows it say 'Disc boot failure'!
I have tried all three of my hard drives and they are all saying the same.
At first it wouldn't power up the monitor so I could get into BIOS so, I purcahsed new Mobo CPU and graphics card.
I can now get in to bios but cant get the HD to boot up or reinstall windows from CDROM!
It is just a black screen with white letters!
Please help.

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As you did not say which version of Windows you are trying to install

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Disc Boot failure

That makes things harder but if it is 98 you need to use the Boot Floppy Disc to boot off and then install off the CD.

If you are attempting to Boot off an XP CD you need to alter the BIOS settings to allow the Optical drive that you have to be the boot device before any HDD so you need to reset the Boot Order in BIOS and then save the changes on exit.

The machine should be able to perform either a clean install or In Place Install of XP depending on what you want to attempt from then.

To perform an In Place Install follow the directions here


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by jameskeyworth1 In reply to As you did not say which ...

Yes it is XP and Ive tried changing the boot up sequence and my first boot up device being CDROM and secondly my hardrive but still says disc boot failure!
I am lost!

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Try a new HDD

by Mr.Wiz In reply to xp

A new Hard disk isn't very expensive, especially after what you've already spent. Try one, but it could also be a bad drive data cable.

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Is this an older computer/CD-Rom?

by ugadata In reply to xp

If this isn't an older computer/CD-Rom that isn't capable of booting from the CD-Rom????

Some systems won't automatically boot just because a bootable CD is in the drive. It requires some kind of acknowledgment as the system is looking for a boot device. Usually pressing the space bar while the prompt is being displayed will allow the system to boot from CD-Rom.

An out there possibility might also be an additional BIOS selection that specifically allows/disallows booting from the CD-Rom, possibly for security reasons.

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by ugadata In reply to Is this an older computer ...

I forgot the easy stuff. Double check that you can actually boot from the CD in question. Try booting from the CD in another computer, if possible.

It's also possible that the CD-Rom drive is damaged and can no longer be used as a boot device.

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Also have a look at the data side of the CD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to xp

And check for any damage or finger prints on the XP CD.

It's possible that the data face is so dirty or damaged that you can not read the CD.

Also at the very least download your HDD makers testing utility and test the HDD for faults.

If you can get the XP loader to start and you have a SATA HDD you may need to push the F6 key to load the SATA Drivers for that M'Board.

If you are unable to find a Drive Testing Utility at the HDD Makers Web Site Seatools works with most HDD though it may not be always correct but it is available here and at the very least a good starting point to work from


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Disc boot failure

by huoml In reply to Disc Boot failure

'ugadata' is correct.

After the computer POSTs up, a line at the top of the screen would say something like
'to boot from CD-rom press anykey or spacebar'

You have to respond to this prompt to boot from CD otherwise, computer goes to the next device in boot-order which is HD.

The OS install process will begin once you choose to boot from CD.


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by jameskeyworth1 In reply to Disc boot failure

Cheers all! Don't know what it was but changed the CD-rom and channel 1 IDE cable and off she went.
The bad news is my 'Winafast' mobo can only supports 1gb of mem and a 64m Graphics card and a 3000 sempron processor!
How frustrating are this things Grrr!!

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