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Disconnect LAN while connect to internet

By sybanjoseph ·

We are using Windows 2003 sbs server for our network. we installed broadband connection in one of our client machine. the problem is while we are connecting to internet this client machine losses its connection from server say client machine is totally isolated from network.after disconnecting from internet and restarting the client machine then it will restore the network.
can anyone help us to resolve this issue??

thanks in advance


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by Working IT In reply to Disconnect LAN while conn ...

Check the IP setting on your network and the broadband connection.

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Network disconnection on connecting to internet

by edie_21 In reply to

simply add a persistant route to ur machines for ur LAN

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to Disconnect LAN while conn ...

ok, i don't really understand your situation the way u explained it. i think if you enable the DHCP service in services.msc it will help some. you can also take the ip address of the broadband connection and enter it on the server's default gateway in the tcp/ip configuration under the network connect of your server. then go to the client computer that losses the connection and enter the ip address of the server itself not the ip address of the broadband connection, and enter the server ip address into the default gateway of the client computer the same way you entered the ip address of the broadband connection into the servers default gateway. i hope i make sense. you might do this to all the client computers on your network. it would save your time if this was to happen on your other client computers.
i wish i could explain this better, but i am from the south here in the US.

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by BobTheITBuilder In reply to Disconnect LAN while conn ...

This sounds like two seperate IP ranges in play here. The first one is your broadband IP address issued to the PC which would be a public IP address the second one is your internal IP address range (192.168.x.x). Never the twain shall meet as the private address range is not routable over the internet. You may want to consider getting a router attached to your broadband modem so you can totally utilise the private address range on the internal network and fully share your broadband connection from your router via a switch of sufficent size for all of your clients. The router should be set up to (by default)recieve and IP address from your ISP and then you set an internal network address (NAT Principles).

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by Dumphrey In reply to Disconnect LAN while conn ...

I'm going to have to agree with Bob. The computer loosing connection to the network sounds like its getting an IP address from 2 sources. Make sure the interface on your router that is on the LAN side is in the same subnet as your LAN. The outsid einterface should be getting a DHCP address from your ISP. If your router is set up right, you should have no problems.

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disonnect lan while connect to internet

by punit_vyas2005 In reply to Disconnect LAN while conn ...

i have same problem as syben has,
pc that connect with server and i have install tata indicom router (usb) with pc. when i connect to internet my lan conection with server is disconected.

when i use two lan card in that machine i have no problem i can connect both internet and my lan 2 gether. now what should i do ?

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