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disconnect the users

By Shanghai Sam ·
Hi ,
i have a NT Server 4 , when i upgrade the application i must be care that all the users didn't lock any file every time i have a problem more than 300 users are locked the Appl folder
how i can disconnect them from thos files if there is a nother program pls help .

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disconnect the users

by DemonGP In reply to disconnect the users


Have you tried using the NT Server Manager (START,Programs, Adminstrative Tools, Server Manager). Double Click the server that you are using in SErver Manager, and it will bring up a dialog box with different options on disconnecting people from different shares. Otherwise something like Dameware NT Utilities is a very usefull progam that may have something to take care of this. GO to

Hope this helps.

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disconnect the users

by Magetower In reply to disconnect the users

If these users are accessing these files through a share then do the following.

1. Let them know you are about to kick them off.

2. Change the permissions for the share (not the files) by adding Everyone No Access (this way you don't have to change any of the existing share permissions.

3. Use Server Manager (or Control Panel/Server on the local server) and kick everyone off the server who didn't take heed of your warning. The No Access permissions on the share will keep them from reattaching.

4 Do your update. Then take the No Access off the share.

If there is an application causing the locked files then you will need to disable the app during the update.

Hope this helps...

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