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    Disconnected Internet Connection


    by uu22_1978 ·

    I have migrated my dsl-connection from 384-kbps to 640kbps speed. The two ISP were different companies. I switched to a faster one because my customers are bugging me

    everytime they surf the net they said it was very slow. I have 21 workstations here and I have a peer-to-peer LAN.

    I have been using my 384 kbps for over a year. My internet connection is reliable but the speed is slow. Now that i’ve switched to a faster one, my internet connection sometimes get intermittent and to the worse i don’t have any internet connection at all. It happens daily and it’s been a month but my problem still exists…

    They provided me a Xyzel modem. I’ve been using an Edimax 4 port router and a 3Com 3C165938 Superstack *3 with 24 ports.

    My LAN is working properly but my internet connection sucks. I remember the first time a personnel from the 640kbps-ISP connects us to the Web, it’s intermittent. He called the his co-workers to check our connection from their headquarters…they fixed it. But when the personnel left, after 5 hours we were down again.

    By calling the techsup, they concluded the following:

    1. My router chokes because of heavy traffic
    2. A Virus exists in my network
    3. Cables (attenuation, mixed cabling – cross over, straight through, etc.)

    I have made the following to resolve the problem:

    1. Changed the cable from modem to router, from router to Hub
    2. Clean Install all the workstations since we don’t have much important files in the computer
    3. Bought a Switch to divide the network load.


    Now i changed the layout of my network like this:


    Router to 3 PCs

    Switch (with 3PC connected;vacant ports 12)

    Router to Hub (Hub has 15 connected PCs)

    I almost forget, this establishment is an internet cafe. My customers used to surf the net watching movie clips in, browse pictures in, Do you think heavy loads could be the problem resulting to disconnection? I don’t even provide games at all.

    Provide me an answer guys. Thank you very much. As of now my connection is intermittent again, i have to turn off the modem and back on again before sending this S.O.S.

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      Get better throughput on the router

      by cg it ·

      In reply to Disconnected Internet Connection

      well the router has 20mbps throughput. Some small business business class dual WANs have 44 mbps throughput. The Symantec 360 has 60 mbps and the 320 has 55 mbps throughput.

      I’d say try getting a better router with a better throughput rating from WAN to LAN.

      I’d go back the the reliable DSL connection and get a quad WAN and try 2 or 3 DSL connections. can’t be any more expensive than a T1 dedicated business line.

      Got a hub on the network? get rid of it!

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        Internet Problem – What’s with the Hub?

        by uu22_1978 ·

        In reply to Get better throughput on the router

        Is there something wrong with the hub? or maybe a switch is better?

        Anyway i’ve tried to remove the router from my network. What i did is to share my connection using ICS on my computer. so my connection starts from the Modem to my computer, and from my computer to the hub (i didn’t connect the router); to the hub to WORKSTATIONS. Now the problem still exists when heavy traffic the problem is definitely not the router. It could be Hub or the Modem provided by my ISP.

        What should i do first? remove the hub and use a switch or tell my ISP to change the MODEM they provided? thanks in advance

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      You are unworthy

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Disconnected Internet Connection

      You are unworthy of the advice that has been given you as you have clearly shown you are to stupid and lazy to follow the advice you have received.

      Posting multiple discussions until someone spoon feeds you a solution that takes no effort on your part just furthers that point.

      You are a disgrace, and make all techs look bad. Better update your resume, because I see an unemployement line in your future.

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        Thank you clyde

        by uu22_1978 ·

        In reply to You are unworthy

        No further questions your honor. If you can’t spoon-feed me your honor just ignore my question.

        Sorry for flaming an unworthy trying hard techie.

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