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Discontinuities and Limitations in IT

By Chief Makota ·
What are the perceived future limitations and/or discontinuities in information technology?

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Discontinuities and Limitations in IT

by md_hashim In reply to Discontinuities and Limit ...

My perception is it will go the mobile way.
Limitations/Discontinuities are that existing products which are not scalable to cater remote usage will have to be replaced.
- Hashim

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Discontinuities and Limitations in IT

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Discontinuities and Limit ...

1. technological advances pushed out with security flaws due to poor testing and design.
2. expectations the industry should revolve around high security work place requirements.
3. ensuring full backward compatibility due to quantity of users with old equipment / software.
4. expectations by some hardware manufacturers and software developers that all users will immediately update to new stuff.

1. corporations trying to get more market share by going different ways and then trying to force the industry standards along those lines
2. controlling bodies allowing corporations to push to many standards.
3. the industry pretending it is one industry instead of several with many overlapping areas.The future
this is a very grey area as for the last decade it has been gaming that has fuelled and forced development of better hardware and software. this has reached a point where new hardware and software is coming out to quick for people to do much with, also most has exceeded the capabilities of most users to properly utilise.

Businesses and e-commerce have started driving the next rounds of development in hardware and software. By itself this is no big problem but when you see people with the mind set of ARIA etc wanting mandatory built-in technological security measures that are only useful in a small section of the business community, but they push it because they have big bucks. Then you need to be worried about the directionsit is going in.

Also of concern is political organisations seeking to limit the technology, its use, and its development. Too much legislative control and you start getting 'big brother' problems, too little you get too much anarchy and terrorism. We need to strike a middle ground where the govts do not regulate the technology or control it, but that they monitor its use.

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