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discount certificates

By charleshagen ·
A recent Tech Republic article listed several discount Digital Certificate providers. One was call Camoda or something like that. I need an inexpensive 128bit digital certificate to set up my e-commerce server. Can someone guide me to either the article or a list of vendors?


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discount certificates

by Kinetechs In reply to discount certificates

Just a suggestion:

I'd stay away from the lesser know Certificate Authorities (CA). The idea of a certificate is to have a party that that two entities both trust verify the identity of the other. Most current operating systems are setup to atomatically trust the major CAs so when your site shows its certificate, the user's PC will accept is as valid. If you go with an off-brand CA and their PC does not trust that CA, the certificate is worthless. It's like having a stranger vouch for another stranger.

Just my two cents.


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discount certificates

by Kinetechs In reply to discount certificates

I'd stick with VeriSign or Thawte as your external CA.

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discount certificates

by charleshagen In reply to discount certificates

looking for the company. Thanks for the opinion though. It is noted.

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discount certificates

by EnserNG In reply to discount certificates


Here is a quick way to do what you are looking to do...

From a fresh install of Internet Explorer (yes, most people use it) go to Tools, Internet Options, Content, Certificates.

From there, view both the Trusted Root and Intermediate Certificat Authorities. Those listed there provide certificates that "automatically" authenticate to the trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

Before getting slammed by the Netscape fans, that browser offers the same sort of cerificate viewing, so for the best coverage, choose a CA that is listed as trusted under both.

For other than e-commerce applications, you could use a lesser known (and cheaper) CA, including an internal one--> because people would not necessarily be trusting you with their money, only that you are who you say you are.

Hope this helps, and good luck.


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by glenn In reply to discount certificates


They resell GeoTrust Certificates for only $49
a shared cert (which would most likely work well for you as well) are around $20

hope this helps

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