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Discover a non IP element (ex: HUB)

By petals28 ·
In Network management i want to discover a HUB. How is it possiable if the hub is not a snmp enabled element.

A normal HUB is connected to a switch and through that hub 6 Windows and Linux server's are connected. To get them in Map module i want discover the HUB along with the servers. I am geting the servers but it shows that with one port of the switch 6 servers are connect. This may confuse the operator.

Note: The connected hub is not a snmp enabled ip element.

I hav one more quary. Do all the HUB hav MAC address?

Thanks in advance

Dipyaman Baral

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A hub is not discoverable

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Discover a non IP element ...

Hubs do not have a MAC address or an IP address they are not programable in any way and are just relays. A hub is easiest to understand if you comapre it to an ordinary power board (that is no extras at all) all it does is split the wire connection from one to many - end of story. You can get the same result by splicing an extra wire in - that would be a lower quality connection though.

Servers and switches can be given instructions etc and as such need to be identifiable on the network as descreet devices - thus they can be discovered. Hubs are on par with the network cable and are not descreet devices that need to be identified in the same manner.

In the case you mention above you would be best to connect the servers to a switch or router not the hub.

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