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Discover and share hardware resources

By dhobson98 ·
I have a qa lab with hundreds of aix, linux,solaris,hp,windows,osf,openVMS and a few OS400 machines. I need an app that can inventory and report the system config and then let me share the machines. Similar to the way outlook lets you share offices. It must be sorted by platforms and web based. I can't install an agent to collect this data on each machine. I need machine name, ip address, memory, arch(x86,powerpc,ia64,alpha,etc), processor count, os version and locales. I need a user to enter their name and NIS password, select available machines that are not in use, select a start and end date, then submit. Their name shows up with all of the config data. Also machine status can be shared, dedicated, contact xxx for access. Has anyone seen an application that even remotely provides this capability.

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Discover and share hardware resources

by Binwah In reply to Discover and share hardwa ...

I think that you are asking for a lot there without installing agents etc.

I would also be very interested to see if any one else comes up with a tool that does this.

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I Don't Think There Is....

by WANToolsMan In reply to Discover and share hardwa ...

I don't think there is a single application that is commercially available which will allow you to do this. The fact that you can not install agents on the machine is going to kill you. My recommendation: write a Perl application that would run from any of the machines to get the data you need. I do not know about using it to share machines and some of the other requirements, but Perl would certainly be able to interface with all the machines (through modules like Net::Telnet, Net::SNMP, and Expect) to gather the system data you want, and then you could use the CGI module to export your findings to a web page. If you are stuck on the "no agent" thing, then this may be one of a few viable options.

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Need it too...

by cablesandmore In reply to Discover and share hardwa ...

When you found it, you write me.

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