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Discrete GPU on Dell Poweredge 2900

By 3DG3_0F_R3AS0N ·
Hello, I'm having a strange issue with a system I'm running, the system is a Dell Poweredge 2900 Server, its running Windows 7 x64, the problem Im having is that I can get a display output through the onboard vga port, but I get no display from the discrete gpu (Radeon R7 250 2gb GDDR5), windows sees the gpu, but when I plug into it I get no display output, the card has been tested and it works, ive checked the bios and there is no options for disabling the onboard graphics, I'd be greatful for any help I can get, thanks.
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Soon. Sometime next week

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Discrete GPU on Dell Powe ...

I think I'll have a Dell at the office with same graphics card. It's not here yet so I can't offer much EXCEPT that I must take your word as above.

I know I can't always trust the graphics card to output just by plugging in. Here's my usual work list.
1. Plug it in, then do a total reset darn it. POWER OFF, power up and see if that brings it back.
2. Drivers. As you are a seasoned Windows 7 person I won't write at length here.
3. Settings. In Windows sometimes it's not automatic. I get to head into the settings to EXTEND THE DISPLAY then set which display is PRIMARY (while in Windows.) Again, you are a seasoned W7 owner so I'll pause here.

OTHER PROBLEM AREAS: This card is from 2013 so it's likely to be dead. I can't guess if you have other PCs to test this card or try other cards.

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Upgrade the OS

by casox37406 In reply to Discrete GPU on Dell Powe ...

Why don't you upgrade your OS to Windows 10?

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I know a few that will keep using 7 until they can't.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Upgrade the OS

Just last month a client lost a HDD in a W7 PC and we had to replace that then do a clean install of W7. Because of how annoyingly complex the install is now we doubled the price for installing this vintage OS. It is taking more time to find drivers and then a clean install barely gets on the web without us using another PC to get a few critical OS updates.

If you have it running you wouldn't know this.

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Purchased Poweredge T62

by geekyers In reply to Discrete GPU on Dell Powe ...

Purchased Poweredge T620, with a NVIDIA Tesla C2075 CUDA card in ... Are definately supposed for video output, no longer dedicated GPGPU cards ... I have a 2900 poweredge and was thinking if it become any better than mine

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