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Discuss your .exe poll answer

By Toni Bowers ·
In our poll, we asked if you allow end users to download .exe files. If you do and have had problems, tell us about them. If you don't allow it, why not?

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by jbaker In reply to Discuss your .exe poll an ...

Our official policy is that a member of the IT staff must install any software on the machine. The exceptions to this are some members of higher management (the four owners of the company), and we have tried to lock them down, but they want that access, and when they sign the checks, they usually get what they want.

We have had issues with things WebShots and WeatherBug, but have been able to scare the users into never downloading anything without checking with me again.

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wheres my modem?

by smartbob2002 In reply to Discuss your .exe poll an ...

when i install this package my modem does not operate at all? this is really frustrating and microsoft refuses to answer my questions. i am reall ticked off. Want to go and personally visit Bill gates!.

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No problems here

by Roscojim In reply to Discuss your .exe poll an ...

Thankfully, I work with professional people who know better than to download garbage, so I let them do what they want. Very seldom have I had to reload a machine, although they know that if I do, they better have everything backed up.

They're great at asking me if they have any questions about what they want to load. Putting apps on the network and letting the users install them themselves frees me from having to run around and do it.

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Over My Dead Body

by jazzygeek In reply to Discuss your .exe poll an ...

Back in those bucolic days of trust...I was understanding and supportive of an open download policy. Ha! No more! Not enough tech support to solve those problems now.

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Well I am not disallowed from downloading

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Over My Dead Body

exes. Virus checker is up to date, I assume as that's under IT's control. Of course if I foolishly download something damaging my a** is grass.
Operationally it would be a nightmare if I say wanted to download a demo installer for an active x component for vb or some such and I had to get Admin approval for every one.
Course I class myself as different to the average user, though I haven't met many admins who willingly make that distinction. To them, I 'm just another stupid user.

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Over My Dead Body

by jinxy In reply to Over My Dead Body

Im in security, i spend most of my lift fighting "Little Old Downloads" that customers insist on free rain for their employees.
5 sec of downloads work out to 5 hours of getting rid of the thing because they don?t know what they are downloading.
I say shoot them and I can do a 3 day week LOL

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Depends on job function

by randall.roberts In reply to Discuss your .exe poll an ...

Most of the desktops are completely locked down; not even a floppy drive available. This sometimes has support consequences, as users don't have the functionality they need to fix things themselves with phone support.
IT generally has full rights to do anything with a PC.

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