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Disgruntled Employee

By jamiegisi ·
We recently has an employee leave on a bad note. They deleted all of their files of their laptop and we were able to get them back. Our concern is if they saved it to floppy discs or burned a Cd. Is there anyway that I can check and see if they did?? We are running Win XP Pro stations

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Please clarify

by DC_GUY In reply to Disgruntled Employee

I don't understand. You said, "we were able to get them back." Did you mean to say, "we were NOT able to get them back"?

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Have dealt with similar

by Oz_Media In reply to Disgruntled Employee

I have had a user download an entire CSv file of a 75,000 client database.

I recovered all his deleted files, found the emails he had sent to a competitor and forwarded them to his employer.

IF he was to start calling on the accounts he stole, r if the company started handing them out to clients, he would fry. Not a leg to stand on, it is theft. If the new company he is with uses them, same thing. If you have critical information and you think someone has stolen it, it will surface VERY quickly when customers start saying they have been called by a competitor.

Any company with even a small iota of a brain would not let such information to be used within thier company anyway, it is a solid line stright from YOUR front door to thiers, not exactly hard to find the culprit.

Something else you may want to look into for future issues, is an email scanning system that flags mail to competitors, certain keywords in outbound mail (resume, leaving the company, interiew etc.) and hae it all sent to the boss or admin for review before being sent to the recipient.

I have employed a SPAM solution that includes this feature, I have been asked by the client to have the sales reps flaggd fro certain keywords in an attemt to see who is looking elsewhere, on company time. If they send suspected email, I can either have a copy sent to myself and the owner while havign the original sent through to the recipient, or STOP the mail altogether and forward a copy to myself or the owner.

Some may see this as an infringement on personal privacy rights, yet it is not in anway. Company equipment, company time, means COMPANY property.

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You could try

by vaughanm In reply to Disgruntled Employee

you could try looking for things like winzip or anything like that, check the last file opened and see if it contains anything interesting. also look through the internet histories and temp files, do a search for all log files on the hard drive, these could help. look in the cd burning application and see if you can get the title of the last burn, look through the folders of progs that burn cds, compress files, etc and see what left overs there are. look in the recent documents and see what is there it may help in this case. If files were copied to floppy then there is no way to tell sorry.
hope all this helps you.

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