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disk access in win98 clients

By ramanbandi ·
i cannot access the remote disk administration in win98 clients from a winXP client. how can is configure this. in win98 there is a remote administation option and password feature. how about from winXP o/s to administer the disks not shared in win98 machines.

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by mikex In reply to disk access in win98 clie ...

Install from a Windows XP source disk remote desktop

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by sgt_shultz In reply to disk access in win98 clie ...

turn your xp and other firewalls off for a test?

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by razz2 In reply to disk access in win98 clie ...

I think your question may have been mis-read. The other answers are correct if you want to connect FROM Win98 to control the XP. I think you are asking to connect FROM XP and control the Win98. If I am wrong then boy will this answer look stupid.

The Win98 feature is not Remote Administration or Desktop, it is Remote Management. It consists of System Policy Editor, Registry Editor, System Monitor, and Net Watcher. Enabling the feature (with or without a password) allows a remote machine to connect to systems registry, or to the admin shares such as C$.It also allows management of the shares. See the following link:

If you want to control the 98 box I would suggest the following:







There is also WebEx but it is VERY expensive, as are some of the others listed. The GoToMyPC is a Citrix product and they (Like eblvd and webex) have support, corporate, and enterprise versions. EBlvd is the least expensive, but they all have advantages and dis-advantages. Some require install and some do not. If the host is XP based then an install requires the user to be an admin. That may be a problem in some cases. The free VNC is nice and cheap but ver 4 is solid. Security is an issue as it is just a password, so if you are not in the same LAN then connecting over a VPN is better. VNC even supports remote admin from a browser window.

Good Luck,


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