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Disk administrator no Fault Tolerance

By mike ·
Intresting Problem. Server running NT 4.0 SP6A Dell Poweredge with the adaptec 7800 Chipset. 2 Identical Seagate 9.1 Scsi drives. Here is the problem when going into DA on the server the Fault Tolerance Menu selection (is not greyed out) it's not here sorta like it is in workstation. I've compared rev numbers with a server next to it that has it, registry entries for DA, and it is eating me up. Why the **** would the menu option NOT be there. One thing did just occure to me that 1 this is a new client, and 2 the Admin/service account has been suposedly re-named. I wonder if it might be a permissions issue. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Oh yea the date/size/timestamp is the same on both servers, so it's NOT a rev issue.SP6A has been re-applied with all hotfixes up to 8/11/00

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Disk administrator no Fault Tolerance

by spiceman In reply to Disk administrator no Fau ...

unless you have admin priveledges you can run DA - so permissions not likely problem.

If you cannot see the pull down menu than DA you are using is corrupt. Download a fresh copy of SP6a.

you should see the 6 pull downdown menu. The Fault Tolerance pull down menu options are only available if you can actually create some fault tolerance with the available partions and you select them. If not the Establish mirror, break mirror, create stripe set with parity and regenerate should be seen as greyed out.

Try using a different hard disk and see if that makes problem go away. Then try to fix the hard disk problem.

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Disk administrator no Fault Tolerance

by mike In reply to Disk administrator no Fau ...

I've re-applied 6A from a different source, as well as copied the DA from a working server. Then drives work fine in any other functions?? The registry settings are dupes etc. It's driving me nuts... I could see if it was grayed out but the Menu function not even there?!!! Damn you billy G~!!!!>>>!

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