Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk/NO HD found

By j.candelaria ·
I have an HP Media Center 7330n PC running Windows XP that when I try to boot the blue HP screen displays but it goes to DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER.. then after I attempt to boot from a recovery disk.. NO HARD DRIVE FOUND. PC RECOVERY CANNOT BE CONTINUED. PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE.. I have also tried to change the boot order in BIOS to HDD but no help..Does anyone have any insight on how to fix?? thanx

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The HDD is either faulty or has become disconnected

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Disk Boot Failure, Insert ...

If the HDD is faulty you'll need to replace it and recover your data from your most recent backup. However if it's become disconnected all that is required is to turn off unplug and reattach whatever has become dislodged and this may not be obvious as sometimes a Data Lead or Power Lead may look as if it's in correctly but it has moved out slightly and needs to be pushed back in.

The reason that you are getting the No HDD message is that the computer can not see the HDD so it's stopping at that stage of the Boot Process.


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Is HDD spinnig?

by bnbromiley In reply to The HDD is either faulty ...

Open the case and with the PC on listen to the HDD - Can you hear it spinning?
If not it's stuck and dead.
You can try putting it in the freezer over night and if it will then work clone it and put all on a new drive.

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Check your jumpers & power cables

by elsanto_235 In reply to Disk Boot Failure, Insert ...

Did you try putting the HDD in another computer as a slave to see if it is working. If so, check you jumpers to the front of the HDD to the specified setting (master, slave or cable select) and make sure the power cord is connected.
After doing this if it fails check you Bios settings and make sure that the IDE configuration is set to Auto if not you could always reset the CMOS and load the system default settings. Now if this fails then buy a new HDD and start all over againg. But you could always keep the other one as a slave HDD in the machine.

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Bad motherboard?

by steve.stanley In reply to Disk Boot Failure, Insert ...

I just had the same thing happen to my 7730N. I talked with HP tech support and they said it was most likely a failure with the motherboard. I had confirmed that the hard drive was fine already. It's going to cost $260 to send it to them to fix it. Was this your experience also?

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Purchased new HDD

by j.candelaria In reply to Bad motherboard?

I just ended up purchasing another HDD and reimaging..thx for all the comments

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Disk boot failure

by r4nd0m321 In reply to Disk Boot Failure, Insert ...

when i start my computer it says Disk boot failure please insert disk how can i fix this

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