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My computer originally went down due to an unknown reason (maybe virus?). It just keep rebooting in cycles. So I tried to reformat the HD but the CDROM was working kind of funny too and couldn't format it without a ton of errors. So I put the HD as a slave on another computer and formatted it with windows XP again and the HD works fine as the slave. I put the HD back to the originaly computer but I am getting PXE E61 media test failed and disk boot failure. When I go into BIOS it does recognize the HD. I have tried the following without any success:
1. unplug and replug all cables
2. removed jumper from HD
3. tried different boot sequence (HD first, CDROM first)
4. swapped cables with CDROM (IDE0 -> IDE1)
5. disable onboard LAN device and LAN boot ROM (I thought maybe the network card is faulty)
6. changed out RAM

I am not really a computer person but the above tries were recommended from my various web searches for similar problem and nothing has worked. I would appreciate any other suggestions anyone may have.

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Replace the Power Supply with a

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to DISK BOOT FAILURE - odd c ...

New or Known Good one and try again.

As for the inability to load Widows from the Install Disc this is most likely due to either Faulty RAM or a Timing Issue that causes the OS not to load while it can otherwise run correctly.

Just remember that the Windows Installer is not as robust when it comes to Timing Issues with RAM as Windows is and when you see a Fan running in a computer that only means that there is a 12 V DC power feed to that part it fails to mean that the remainder of the 12 V DC Feeds are working correctly and producing the correct Wattage or that any of the other Voltage Rails like the 5 V DC nd the 1.3 V DC Rails are working.


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by khariskh In reply to DISK BOOT FAILURE - odd c ...

You might have a bad boot area on the HD. If you can, use the vendor's utility to format the drive. XP might not be able to cleanup the drive all the way.

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You can also try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to DISK BOOT FAILURE - odd c ...

Connect the Drive as a Slave again
At a command prompt type in these commands pressing the Enter key after each one.
select disk 1
select partition 1
Now type
EXIT to exit the diskpart session
Insert the Drive back in the other System and try it.
Also check this link for some more ideas.

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