Disk Boot Failure. Please insert BLAH BLAH

By logicalnonsense_1337 ·
I recently moved my hard drive to another computer in hopes that it would work (the computer). It sadly didn't and so I moved it back to the previous computer. Now that I try to turn it on, I get the "Disk Boot Failure" error. All the plugs are in their right place. Also the Disk Drive will NOT open when I press the button. Whatare my options besides taking it to the shop and/or buying a new one?

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auto detect

by PC-guru In reply to Disk Boot Failure. Please ...

well go to system bios
and auto detect hardware
that should work after you save it
if not do a windows repair with the install cd

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auto detect

by logicalnonsense_1337 In reply to auto detect

I am assuming to get to system bios, i have to go into setup from the COMPAQ screen at startup. I will try this and will tro to find that option (help to find it please?), but if it doesn't work, how would open the disk drive to put in the windows cd if it does not want to open normally?
And thanks for the quick reply.

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by PC-guru In reply to auto detect

when you disconnect devices they somtimes don't automatcily show up in bios so yes go to set up and go to standard setup were it shows the devices connected and there will be a option to auto detect hardware then just save changes

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by logicalnonsense_1337 In reply to well

I went into the bios. I could not for the love of me find any option to autodetect anythiing besides a "sp mouse" or something along those lines in the "advanced tab". Would I be able to partition or delete everything from the hard drive if I can't insert any cd?
Also, the disk drive is not broken because I tried connecting a different one in it's place, but it would not still open. Do I have to replacemy new hard drive that I just bought a little over amonth and a half?

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Disk drive won't open?

by NickNielsen In reply to Disk Boot Failure. Please ...

I'm assuming you mean the optical (CD/DVD) drive? You mentioned in another post that you tried another drive in its place and that drive didn't open. Have you tried the original drive in another PC? If it opens there, you might have a power issue.

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