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    Disk Cloning


    by techknow dude ·

    Any recommendations on the best disk cloning software?

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      What platform?

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to Disk Cloning

      You didn’t say much about exactly what you want to do. For instance, do you want to make a disk clone on demand or do you want to maintain a continuous mirror of a disk? Also you didn’t say what platform you are using.

      If you are running M$ then someone else might have some good ideas. The first thing that comes to my mind in the M$ world is disk replication services. If you want to clone a partition then Norton Ghost may be a good option. As I say other people may have better ideas than me in the M$ arena.

      In the Unix world disk mirroring software is widely available. Each flavor of Unix has it’s own software associated with this sort of thing. Linux has Logical Volume Manager and Enterprise Volume Manager. Sun OS/Solaris has Sun Storage and Veritas Volume Manager. As far as clone on demand you can use use the tar or pax utilities to make a clone of the data on a file system. If you want to clone the disk structure metadata then the dd command will work. You could use dd for both data replication and partition replication. I just like to use tar or pax for data within a file system.

      Or you could provide more details about your goal such as the platform and the purpose of the disk cloning.

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      by ahar ·

      In reply to Disk Cloning

      Preferrably using linux and partimage

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        I just learned something

        by stress junkie ·

        In reply to preferrably

        I wasn’t aware of partimage. Thanks.

        Linux is SO full of utiltities that you could spend months finding all of the executables and typing

        ./ –help

        just to see what you’ve got on your system.

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          my favorite command …

          by ahar ·

          In reply to I just learned something

          is apropos
          it already saved me a lot of time.

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          Recently …

          by stress junkie ·

          In reply to my favorite command …

          … my favorite command is “Bark like a dog.” but that doesn’t really apply to computers.

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      Disk Cloning Solution SATA RAID ARRAY

      by dcascioppo ·

      In reply to Disk Cloning

      Recently our exchange servers drives came close to running out of space. The solution, was to add a new larger pair of drives. That seems fairly academic until you consider the Raid controller imbedded on the mobo. First of all we broke the mirror and booted one of the drives to verify the server was still operable.

      Our usual solution involved using Acronis Migrate easy. This works great for IDE drives. But with a Promise RAID controller, Migrate easy didn’t recognize the SATA drives.

      Enter in a little gem I discovered a while ago, Wester Digital Tools disk (included with new WD Drives for free). It will image your old drive over to the new drive and expand the partitions, this works while windows or server is running.

      There is a catch to the solution, you have to have a Western Digital drive plugged into the system. Our drives happened to be all Seagates. The simple workaround to that is to take an old Western Digital drive and plug it into an available IDE port and it works like a champ.

      This is a huge timesaver over rebuilding a server or worse yet, doing a complete backup and restore to the new drive. My friends in IT were all scoffing at the WD Tools disk because it seemed like just another toss away disk you get with so much hardware.

      I have personally used it to clone dozens of systems and servers. It’s quick and practically foolproof.

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      Symantec Ghost

      by angry_white_male ·

      In reply to Disk Cloning

      Symantec Ghost

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        Ghost has been my best friend

        by morrisjamese ·

        In reply to Symantec Ghost

        Easy to use, and easy to recover any file or entire disks. I wouldn’t leave home without it.

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          Maybe I’m just unlucky then

          by steveinoz ·

          In reply to Ghost has been my best friend

          I’ve been let down by ghost more than a couple of times when it has made an image that was unreadable and worthless.

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      Disk Cloning

      by noxey7-news ·

      In reply to Disk Cloning

      Try Norton Ghost, very fast on partition to patition. supports DVD. Once you have the image you can reformat the drive/partition and re-install no probs Restore time 30 mins 4.5Gb. Never once let me down in 2years.

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      Try norton Ghost version 8

      by dacipher ·

      In reply to Disk Cloning

      i hear Norton Ghost Version 8 is good. but i’m unsure if it can confortably handle microsoft exchange virtual drives (like the Drive M:). i want to clone my e: drive currently hosting the microsoft exchange drive M: its running out of space and i intend to clone the entire e drive on a larger disk and still have my c: drive with the windows 2000 server installation work like its the old drive inplace

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      Disk cloning and active directory

      by cruzin101 ·

      In reply to Disk Cloning

      Just wondering if anyone has had any issues cloning hard drives on different user systems creating conflicts with the active directory? We have to deploy several new systems and cloning would be ideal. Appreciate your comments.

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      clone system to different hardware

      by adamooo ·

      In reply to Disk Cloning

      got an article about how to clone system to different hardware.

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