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Disk Defrag has stopped

By Hal2000 ·
I have an unusual situation that recently cropped up. Windows Disk Defragment has stopped working!!!???
When I select either analyse or defragment in disk defrag the button stays depressed for approximately 10 seconds and then reverts to normal but absolutely nothing happens. No entry in Event viewer. BTW, Disk defragment has been working perfectly for about 2 years. The hard drive has about 30 gig of data on a Win2k3 sp1 machine. Most of the files are quite samll. I have enabled/disabled indexing services without any difference in operation so I don't believe it to be related to the large number of small files.
All applicable services are running from what I can see. I have attempted many things without success.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Safe mode?

by jdclyde In reply to Disk Defrag has stopped

While I haven't had the horror of having to work with win2k3 servers yet, maybe that would make a difference to try the safe mode?

Strange to have it not at least give you an ambiguous error message somewhere.

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Try it sometime It is actually a "good" OS

by Hal2000 In reply to Safe mode?

Except for these two weird problems, win2k3 has been extremely stable when used as a file server without AD (Active Directory).
I am not using AD since the client has a deep rooted aversion to anything automatic from M$.

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Is it a production server?

by ~Omega~ In reply to Disk Defrag has stopped

I don't know how much down time you are allowed, but if you can take the server out of production, and run in safe mode, if that doesn't work, you could try installing the hard drive into any working NTFS5 (2K, XP, 2K3...) and run defrag from there. I know that doesn't resolve the problem for future defrags, but it could be a problem with the disk anyway. Chkdsk and defrag on the HD in question *may* solve the problem. chkdsk /P/R from the repair console.
Have you tried restarting services? I know you're a linux guy and thats the first thing I do when wierd things crop up in my gentoo install (also applies to windows installs).

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It gets better ......Oh yeah

by Hal2000 In reply to Is it a production server ...

Guess what? Microsoft has improved itself even more than usual. Now diskmanager generates a "cannot connect to Disk Manager service"???!!!
Checking in services indicates that the Disk Manager service is automatic and started. All associated services that it depends on are automatic and started. But I am unable to connect. Reboot the system and I can get into DIsk Manager ONCE and then I get the cannot connect error again.
Disk Defrag In Safe Mode has the sam NON-performance characteristics.
Oh by the way, if I shut this server down for any period of time I get alot of very annoyed users. It is the file server for all the managers central stored files.

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Event log

by ~Omega~ In reply to It gets better ......Oh y ...

Is there any recurring problems mentioned in the event log? Thats usually a good place to start. I am assuming you are using NTFS. Is it a dynamic disk or basic?
Can you take it down long enough to run chkdsk /p/r?
If not, can you perform maintenence after hours?
If you can't take it out of production for any amount of time or work on it after hours, you may need to move the files to somewhere where they will be accessible.
That's an obvious, "I already know that, I am looking for a way around doing that." situation, but From my point of view, if you have run chkdsk, and all the other things you have tried have failed (safemode, restarting services, making sure the event log is clean)... you know where I am going with this... you may need to wipe the system. If there is one thing I hate about MS products, it's that when things get bad, they are bad. At least in Gentoo Linux you can "tar -xvpf if things get bad enough.
Of course... if you are desperate, you could *try* MS tech support (Hang on... I gotta stop laughing before I go on...). I have only tried them once, and they were worthless, but maybe they've heard of this.

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You can stop laffing -- M$ lack of support !!!>?????

by Hal2000 In reply to Event log

You should choke on the thought of even trying to get anything meaningful and useful out of M$ support. Their first line of support is designed to drive you crazy while they read the help troubleshooting pages that apply to a different OS.
Chkdsk ran with no errors, no fragments or orphans, etc. HD is SMART and passed all diag's.
M$ repair ran without finding anything except the files that M$ had overwritten with their security patches. All the security pacthes were reapplied. Still no joy. Check MSDN, Technet and M$ for similar items -- no items found (maybe I am using the wrong search string -- I should use "show me anything that M$ has that works without flaws." Sorry tried that. Same search results - no items found).
I was trying to avoid the only solution to a M$ problem that usually works -- **** IT AWAY and start over.

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I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing with you...

by ~Omega~ In reply to You can stop laffing -- M ...

Well, sorry to say that this seems to be one of those "**** away" unresolvable disk managment utility issues. Here are my suggested alternatives
1.) Take the hard drive out of the computer. Put it into any computer that is running NTFS5 and run the utility from that computer, with the problem HD not booting the OS.
2.) Get a better defrag utility. One thing about MS defrag that I have noticed is that it SUCKS compared to the third party applications that are available. (I recommend diskkeeper, see their website for a better explination as to why MS defrag sucks) For example, have you ever noticed that your page file is probably all over the HD? Again, it is a workaround to a greater problem, but it'll keep you from having to **** it away. For now.

Anyhow, I didn't mean to make light of your misery, just making a little joke that I was sure you could appreciate about MS tech support.

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DiskKeeper supplied M$ with this defrag

by Hal2000 In reply to I wasn't laughing at you, ...

According to all the research that I have done DiskKeeper actually provided the defrag and disk management tools to M$ as part of Win2k3. So maybe I should check with their tech forums.

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Were you recently running a trial version of DK?

by deepsand In reply to DiskKeeper supplied M$ wi ...

I recently had weird problems with Defrag, similar to the problem as you 1st reported it here.

It seems that the trial version of DK had expired, but was still trying to run whenever I invoked Defrag.

The problems vanished when I uninstalled DK.

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2 questions.

by deepsand In reply to Disk Defrag has stopped

1) How much free space on the drive; and,

2) Have you tried running it from the command line?

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