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    Disk Drive Invalid Action Error


    by tennis15 ·

    I have a desktop with a DVD/CDRW drive labeled drive D. I’m running XP. If I put a ‘manufactured’ disk in the drive – like a game or software application, etc. everything works fine. If I put a blank, writable disk into the drive I get the error “D:\\invalid action”

    I’ve tried going through the my computer, etc. and am not able to open. Ultimately I’m trying to copy files onto the disk but the I can’t even get the computer to recognize the disk in the drive. This does not appear to be a problem with the disk (and I’ve tried a couple just to be sure) but with the drive and/or XP.

    Please advise.


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      by tennis15 ·

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      by downrighttired ·

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      have you installed the correct drivers for the dvd drive? many times youll need to have some third party software like nero installed to burn to the disc if not

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      Just to rule it out of the problem,,,

      by older mycroft ·

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      These blanks ARE CD discs?
      They’re not blank DVDs?

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        Yes, they’re blank CD’s

        by tennis15 ·

        In reply to Just to rule it out of the problem,,,

        Yes, they’re blank CD’s and I haven’t encounted this problem before – I’ve had the computer for more then a year – and I assume the drivers are good?!

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          try these…

          by kal_lmn ·

          In reply to Yes, they’re blank CD’s

          You shouldnt assume drivers are good, try updating them, they may be old, or even all out replacing them, drivers are usually always the problem for cd/dvd drive problems. And if it isnt the problem, try using a new cd/dvd drive, then if it STILL doesnt work, its your OS. Also, just to throw it in, right click the CD in My Computer, click Properties/Recording and check “Enable CD recording” that may be a fix. Also, last thing you can try editing your registy (MAKE SURE YOU BACK IT UP) then go to :[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]
          name: NoCDBurning
          type: REG_DWORD
          If the data value is “(1)” CD burning is disabled, value “(0)” enables CD burning.
          Well, there you go, thats all i know about CD burning.

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      Simple fix for this problem!

      by flemingayniss ·

      In reply to Disk Drive Invalid Action Error

      Go to My Computer, right-click on the drive, select Properties. Click on the Recording tab, and check the box that says “Enable CD recording on this drive”. You can set other options as desired, but the defaults are probably best. Then click OK. Restart the computer, then try it.


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