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Disk drives for Proliant 6000 tower server

By regmigrant ·
So I have this 4 xeon tower server and want to repurpose it as a media server. Sadly its disk space is straight from the nineties:- 8 scsi disks - 2x9.1gb and 6x 18.2gb. Does anyone know where (if?) I can source some serious sized drives, theres room for lots more

or at least help me out with the spec. I need to look for

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Try these shops, they might be around or near your area..

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by regmigrant In reply to Try these shops, they mig ...

I'll give them a try
thanks for responding

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Disk drives for Proliant ...


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Do you know who you are?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to :_|


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no I've been waiting for someone intelligent to tell me

by regmigrant In reply to Do you know who you are?

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Depends what you mean by Serious Sized Drives

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Disk drives for Proliant ...

These are Hot Swappable SCSI Drives and as far as I'm aware the biggest that are available is somewhere around the 146 GIG Capacity and they are expensive really expensive.

Anyway Seagate Make HDD's that will suit this computer so all you need do is look up what is available from Seagate and then check who sells them in your area. But knowing these drives and how much they actually cost they will most likely be Special Order and whoever you approach will want a serious Deposit before they consider ordering them. The current largest that I use in the Barracuda Range is 50 GIG and that was all I could afford.

Here is Seagate's Technical Information on the drive that you are looking for and they are currently available in up to 300 GIG Sizes but I haven't seen any prices for anything bigger than the 146 GIG Capacity.

Here is the Seagate Sales Locator

What you are looking for is the Cheetah? 15.5K Hard Drives range which now come in sizes from 73 GIG to 300 GIG Capacities.


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Thanks for the information

by regmigrant In reply to Depends what you mean by ...

cheers, that's what I was afraid of really that anything sizeable was going to cost unreasonable money. Do you know if the swap cages are also available?

Considering how many of these things are hanging around I'm surprised no-one seems to have done any modding

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Cages well that's a different story

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for the informatio ...

Because of the expense of the Cage most places only bought what they needed to use so that was 2 or 3 per unit and then used Blank Plates in the other Holes Hum Slots.

The Proliants where very good units in their day and I still rat a couple out and use them as Gateway devices in some places where 17 GIG or so is more than adequate for the needs of the device. The last time I saw any Cages for Proliants I grabbed as many as they had at a Ex Government Auction Place and picked them up for a few $ for the entire lot. But the drives that I used in them where much wider/higher than the ones the HP sold with them so that I could only fit one drive in every 2 slots. But the actual drives where much cheaper so I just lived with them. I have several IBM Netfinities here which use the same HDD and I only have 2 drives per machine with several Clones around so when there is a failure or either software or hardware I just have to switch a drive and am up and running in a few minutes except for the last time when I had to replace a corrupt OS after a power failure and didn't have the time to clone another drive. so 2 days latter when the power went out again I lost the entire OS and had to reload from Scratch.

You may be able to buy some repaired Drives and use them at a very reasonable price. I picked up a repaired Seagate 50 GIG for something like $50.00 each from a company who specializes in selling Factory Repaired Drives from Seagate here. You'll have to look around as I'm not sure who does this in your area but I found my place through E-Bay if that is of any help. Though I generally don't use Reco Drives but in this case as it's mine and I'm not making any money off it it was a chance I could take and the risks where negligible. On the up side those 50 GIG Drives and a couple of 17 GIG Drives have been very reliable and not missed a beat since I got them and they are left running 24/7 except when there are power outages and thunder storms. Pity that the Domestic type Drives are not that reliable I generally get about 6 months out of a IDE drive that is returned to me from Seagate so for fairly obvious reasons I try not to reuse these drives as I just don't trust them.

But the older Barracuda drives that I have here are brilliant and I just can not fault them but they are used for Boot Drives for the 17 GIG and Storage Drives for the 50 GIG Drives and I do compress them when they are running Windows but not for Nix.



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Cheers mate

by regmigrant In reply to Cages well that's a diffe ...

I'll keep on searching then, it sounds like e-bay is the only option unless I can pull the drive back plane and replace it with something less proprietary.

Such a good piece of kit it seems a pity to sne it to landfill

Thanks again

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cheers mate

And that is exactly the same reason why I use the Netfinitie's while they work they are way to good to end up in the rubbish.


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