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Disk Error

By mdavis ·

I am running a Windows XP Pro PC, after returning to my desk yesterday, the only thing on the screen was "disk error" press any button to restart. Everytime I restart that kept coming up, after booting to a win98 startup disk I can see the contents on the drive but can not access the windows directory. When I try to do a dir windows command it comes back with "Data error reading drive c" abort, retry, fail

I can do a dir command for anyother directory on the computer except windows

Thanks in advance


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by Mini_Bonez In reply to Disk Error

I suggest that you reparation you hard drive. You would lose all the data stored in the computer but it should be able to start up with out the error read.

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by CaShorty42 In reply to Disk Error

If you have a disk error you probably took a disk out of the computer before closing the window or the running system. You should put the disk back in the drive and try to restart or reboot the computer again.

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by CaShorty42 In reply to

partitioning the computer if you didn't have a disk into it would also be a second opinion.

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by willcomp In reply to Disk Error

Sounds like you have physically defective sector(s) on your hard drive. You can install XP in another folder on the same partition to retrieve data.

Recommend you test drive with diagnostic program provided by manufacturer and available on their web site.

Bad sectors on a modern IDE drive is usually a sign of impending failure unless they are due to a head slap. I would replace drive.

Good luck


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by wlbowers In reply to Disk Error

Why in world would this person want to even think about partitioning the drive to recover from a corrupted system file sector.

Something happened to cause a file corruption on your hard drive. It just happen to be in the system file area.

Being able to see other directories is a good thing at this time.

You need to back up the data you want to save on this drive immediatly.

If you have a second computer that you can install it in as a slave this would make it easier.

Once you have backed up your data go to the drive makers site, download their diagnostic software and test your drive.



Western Digital



Hopefully the corruption is not a result of physical damage to the platters.

Good Luck Lee

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