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Disk Full Error

By dreed ·
I have a user who has suddenly not been able to save to a network folder/file which is on a network drive with with over 50gb of free space but yet gets a message "The disk is full". The user cannot save to that file but other users can. Permissions are all the same and problem moves with the user when logging on to another workstation. Any ideas?

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What is your NOS?

by Synthetic In reply to Disk Full Error

What kind of network operating system? What kind of client OS? More info!!!!!

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by skywalker_al In reply to What is your NOS?

It could be a disk quota issue for that user. Check to see if quotas are enabled on that server.

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Possibly station NOS client

by Synthetic In reply to Quotas

Good idea, check quota, I have seen similar issues with older Novell workstation client software. It would be nice if the person who created this to give feedback. Really this should be in the tech Q&A, not discussions, so at the very least, a little more data, and follow up is appreciated.

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What Application?

by Mike In reply to Disk Full Error

I have seen a corrupt word 2000 document give that error, even if they try on a local drive.

The Document in question, can they save it on a local drive? If not, that would answer the quote question.

Also, I think this might be better posted in Q&A rather than discussions.

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Check Temp Files on Local System Partition

by jimcamps In reply to Disk Full Error

Is the user running an application that creates a file each time a save is attempted? Some third party application drivers cannot create a work file if a file with the same name exists in the temp folder. If this is the case, try cleaning out your temp. directory on the client system(s).

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by s.moller In reply to Disk Full Error

This could be something as simple as the user trying to save a file with a "/" or "\" in the filename. I have had this happen quite a few times.

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by damon In reply to Disk Full Error

Hey Guys,

I have found that some anti-virus software can interfer with this - i have found that Word and Excel are the biggest problems - i suspect - though not proved that the temp file created on the local machine can be written back to the orgiginal location - and hence causes the error you are describing.

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Wrong forum.

by deepsand In reply to Disk Full Error

This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

It properly belongs in "Technical Q&A," not in "Discussions." Please re-post there.

Not only will you be more likely to attract the attention of those seeking to provide answers, but you will also make it easier for those seeking discussions to find such.

Thank you.

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