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    Disk Imaging Software – Who is the best?


    by dan.finnegan ·

    I am in search of a disk imaging solution. I want a hard disk imaging tool that is fairly easy to use and most of all – consistent. I need to know that my disk image will be able to restore a corrupted hard drive and that my disk image will not be corrupted or unable to restore my hard disk to its former self. I am thinking of using Ghost which is used my many people for many years, but it has it’s imitations. I have heard much praise for Acronis Disk Image but have also heard many complaints about the latest version. I would like to hear back on what you think is the most reliable, fairly easy to use (even by non-techie’s) disk imaging software. Thanks in advance for your time…

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      I use both

      by cmiller5400 ·

      In reply to Disk Imaging Software – Who is the best?

      I use Ghost at work and at home Acronis. I have had no issues with either but would recommend Acronis for the novice user. It has a very usable interface, and can do a live backup with windows running. Now, as for the corruption, I have not experienced any yet, but with any backup, I would make sure that it verifys good before trusting it. I backup my machine to a second hdd in the case, and then burn dvd’s every now and then to make an “offsite” backup.

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      Stay away from Arronis

      by junk ·

      In reply to Disk Imaging Software – Who is the best?

      I’ve used acronis for about a year tried upgrading to a newer version but still same old flaws – this imaging software is NOT reliable at all. One time it will validate the image then next time – same image – its corrupt. Not too big a problem when your system is working fine however, on several occasions the restore will not take leaving you with no choice to start from scratch, reload windows, drivers, programs, settings. You cant’ trust Acronis to work like it claims it does!

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