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Disk is not Formatted

By jtpaderes ·
I am using Windows XP professional, but my problem is when i save a file (either an Excel or Word) through the floppy disk and open or copy this to another PC (with WinXP OS) it always display a message as "Disk is not Formatted. Do you want to format it? Yes or No"
Is this a sign or Virus? I've using a New Floppy Disk. Another is where can I download a free antivirus that can solve this problem, especially those antivirus that can be installed to the floppy and boot my PC, then scan during boot-up.
Need help. Thanks guys in advance..

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by BFilmFan In reply to Disk is not Formatted

Yes, you are infected with a virus. There are several low-cost and cheap anti-virus solutions around. For the cost of about 5 drinks, you can buy a high-quality commercial solution.

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by willcomp In reply to Disk is not Formatted

Virus? Maybe.

But more likely a faulty floppy drive in one PC or the other or floppy drive head alignment mismatch. Try formatting (full format, not erase) a floppy disk in each PC and see if format is successful. A drive that will not format a diskette is usually faulty.

If both complete the format, try copying files to disk formatted in target PC drive and see if you can successfully transfer files.

In any case, you really need updated anti-virus software.


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by willcomp In reply to

Why so many "me too" responses? You guys just like to practice your typing?

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by sleepsalot In reply to Disk is not Formatted

I dont think it is a virus. There may be dust in the drive and this can cause miss reading and writing. Why I say this is because it hashappened many times at my Collage and we run sophos anti virus and don't get virus detection. But a spray from caned air fixes the problem.


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by zlitocook In reply to Disk is not Formatted

First take the floppy disk to the computer you want to use and the computer you want to save the info to. And see if it can read the floppy disk. If it can then go to the other computer and see if it can read the floppy. Go to my computer, and the the floppy drive. If it can then your floppy drive needs to be replaced. Floppy drives can go bad and other floppy drives can not read them. Try a USB flash drive.

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by brucelleonard In reply to Disk is not Formatted

Your problem is to due to your floppy drive being out of alignment, which means you will need to replace it.

What happens is when you format or save a file to a floppy disk one computer and try to access it on another, and you receive that error message, that indicates your drive is out of alignment, which occurs over time with frequent usage.

ProTek Solutions

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by Boerseun In reply to Disk is not Formatted

Can be caused by misalignment or dust. Try formating the floppy in the pc you want to take the data to before copying the files on it. A floppy disk cleaning kit might help. AVG is a good antivirus program and it is free for home users. Go look at

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by dRb63 In reply to Disk is not Formatted

This is a sign of possibly having a bad floppy diskette drive. Even though you may be able to use the driver, this is possibly an intermittent problem. One other thing that it could be is the ribbon cable. It's one or the other. I've seen this problem too many times not to be sure.

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by jtpaderes In reply to Disk is not Formatted

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