Disk Management window does not open in XP OS

By rhconstruction ·
I want to partition my Sata Raid main hardrive so as to install a new OS of XP professional so that I can format my drives. Presently my windows installer does not work, I cannot get into my disk management window, my Norton Ghost and Trend PC-Cillin 2007 does not work nor can I delete them. Seems like the only way to get everything fixed is to start new. I need to open my disk management window first, right? How can I bypass the diskmgnt to accomplish my tasks?

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What are you trying to do?

by ComputerCookie In reply to Disk Management window do ...

XP install will format and partition your hard drive.

Do you wish to keep a previous install and /or data?

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Even if you could

by tintoman In reply to What are you trying to do ...

Even if you could open your disk manager window you would not be able to partition the drive which contains the operating system, if you have unallocated disk space on that drive you would be able to create another partition in the unallocated space.
However if you are trying to reinstall windows then jcoo is right and you will be able to partition the drive as you see fit once you boot from the installation CD, but you will first need to delete the existing partition which results in the loss of all data.

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Booting from the installation disk?

by rhconstruction In reply to Even if you could

I do not have any partitions in my C drive. My system is configured SATA RAID version if this helps. How would I go about booting from the installation CD. My knowledge in computer repair is slim but increasing rapidly due to this problem.

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My XP OS hangs just too many times.

by rhconstruction In reply to What are you trying to do ...

Your question is my point. With my XP OS I cannot access this feature. I have backed up all my important data and now wish to partition my C drive so as to start fresh. I'm at a point mentally now to physically replace this hard drive(C. I hopefully can answer leading questions if you are able to help. Thanks for your interest.

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You could have repaired the install, however

by ComputerCookie In reply to My XP OS hangs just too m ...

if you have a back up it is better too start with a fresh install.

I don't know that you need to replace the HDD, all you need to do is to boot from the CD, follow the prompts, if your not sure how to do this refer to

At step 6, delete partition and the create a new partition of the desired size, you can use Disk Management to create other partitions from the unallocated space once the install is complete.

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