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By ralesky ·
I have a pc running Windows NT 4.0 with a 6gig hard drive partitioned 2gig FAT 32 and 4gig free space non-partitioned. The 2gig partition is out of free space. Can I assign a drive letter to the 4gig as NTFS and move data from the 2gig FAT32 to the 4gig NTFS without corrupting either drive or the data?

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Disk Manager

yes, but only data.
and if there are programs pointing to that specific path you have to change that path too f course.


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by curlergirl In reply to Disk Manager

Yes, you can do that, but of course be careful to move only data, not programs, or the programs may stop working. Other options:

1. Convert the 2GB FAT partition to NTFS - this will gain you quite a bit of space right in that partition and may ease things up a bit for a short period of time. Then also format the 4GB partition as NTFS and make sure you and/or the user use that partition for all future new program installs or additional data.

2. Get a program like PowerQuest Partition Magic and use it to both convert the current 2GB FAT partition to NTFS and then take the 4GB of free space and add it to the existing NTFS partition. This way, you end up with a 6GB NTFS partition, which will undoubtedly solve all drive space problems for quite some time.

Hope this helps!

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by Rasman In reply to Disk Manager

Where is the pagefile.sys located chances are you can recover half a gig or ore by moving it. to do so <right click> <my computer> <performance> <chage> remove the entry on c and place it on the other drive. I recomend leaving a 24 mb pagefile on the c drive. Clean out your temp files, check the systemroot for cash dump files. These can be quit large. Move your dumping ground (my documents folder) to the other drive.
Need more repost I'll be watching

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