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    Disk Partition Size discrepancy?


    by tradewind ·

    Two years ago I had a problem with the boot disk of one of my computers.
    I was able to salvage my data by booting from a Knoppix 4.1 CD. After that, I reinstalled XP, formatting the disk in the process.
    A few months ago the same problem occured. My computer would not boot; it kept rebooting over and over again. I was again able to salvage my data using Knoppix 4.1.
    I subsequently booted from my Windows installation disk and ran chkdsk – bad idea; after it stopped I could not even see the disk in that mode. Knoppix 4.1 still allowed me to see and copy contents to a network share. Ubuntu, on the other hand, reported a problem with the file system.
    I then decided to run SinRite on that computer. It refused to do anything because it detected a difference in the size of the partition reported by the file system versus the one reported by the BIOS or BIOS extensions.

    Again, I reformattted the disk from the Windows Installation disk and reinstalled Windows but SpinRite still reports the discrepancy.

    Any suggestion to sofve the problem (other than replacing the disk) would be appreciated.


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      by tradewind ·

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      Don’t use the Windows disc to format it, Nuke it instead…

      by older mycroft ·

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      Use Darik’s Boot & Nuke.

      It will perform a format like no other, involving one session of three passes across the entire hard disk.

      Windows installer only formats one in every three, thereby leaving every 2 out of 3 unformatted. If by any chance there was an infection on this hard disk, it might well have survived two standard windows install disc formats.

      On the other hand, the hard disk might just be knackered.

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      You should test the Drive with the Makers Testing Utility

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Disk Partition Size discrepancy?

      If it’s a Seagate use Seatools

      If it’s a WD use their Data Life Guard

      If you don’t know the Makers Name use Seatools as this is the Standard though if it’s not a Seagate Drive and is faulty you may get the wrong error message.

      Also Don’t rely on any M$ Piece of Code to repair anything they are not the correct tool to use. What can happen is that the M$ Code alters the Drive Parameters and this prevents other better written applications from then accessing the Drive to do anything.

      As suggested above Nuke the Drive then Format it and if it is working OK that will cure your current problem. Of course if the drive is failing it’s anyones guess as to how long it will continue to work and if you get error messages you should replace the drive Immediately.


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