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    Disk partition


    by zach-_- ·

    Hello, I have a problem with disk partition, while I’m trying to shrink the partition I can do it only with 10**4 MB (this is System partition), my disk has 240GB space and system takes 47GB so why can I shrink the partition only 10**4MB?

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      Given only this.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Disk partition

      Can’t tell why.
      1. Did you try other disk partition tools? Look at AOMEI PARTITION APPs.
      2. Are you sure you are not trying to resize a partition your PC is using (ie, booted Windows and trying to resize the partition that we are running on.)
      3. You left out why you are trying to shrink it. For my typical Linux dual boot and install I let my distro do this and haven’t done it manually for over a decade.

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        by zach-_- ·

        In reply to Given only this.

        1. No but i will try.
        2. I want this, because Windows use all my disk space.
        3. I want to make dual boot and install Elementary or Debian

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          Going to have to reveal which Distro.

          by rproffitt ·

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          There are so many distros with Debian now but all the ones I picked up and let’s stick to the top 10 at come with an installer that automates the resizing and installation.

          Again, I haven’t done this manually for over a decade. There’s no need to today.

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          I will try

          by zach-_- ·

          In reply to Going to have to reveal which Distro.

          I have never heard about that but I will try, thanks a lot.

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      Disk partition

      by arinamichel911 ·

      In reply to Disk partition

      Firstly unmount all the disk then start making disk partition as per your requirements

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        by zach-_- ·

        In reply to Disk partition

        I’d rather not do it for now, because I don’t know if it can’t be done from Windows

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      by bob.b ·

      In reply to Disk partition

      What does 10**4 mean?

      System partition… you mean the ‘C’ partition?

      What tool are you using?

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        by zach-_- ·

        In reply to Partition

        It was 1 0 9 1 4 but idk why this page changed this

        Yes I want to change C partition

        Just Windows tool. Right click on “this computer”, then manage, then expand the storage tab and click “manage disks” and there is an option “reduce volume”

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          Re: partition

          by kees_b ·

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          As rproffitt says in his first reply, you can’t change the partition Windows is running from in Windows. Do it after booting something else (like your Debian disk or stick).

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          Man! Dual booting

          by itsdigger ·

          In reply to 123

          you had better stop what you are doing right now and make a back up copy of this hdd/ssd as dual booting can be very tricky.
          These guys trained me for a couple of years and I Still Messed Things UP!

          Maybe think about running a distro as a persistent flash drive…

          I know> shut up Dig….

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          I did this

          by zach-_- ·

          In reply to Man! Dual booting

          I already had a backup, so I wouldn’t even do it, I even made a boot loader from “Paragon”

          I was getting an error message (0x1A)

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      I would recommend against resizing

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to Disk partition

      the smaller partition, as this more than likely is your UEFI boot partition! Mess with it much and your machine will not boot. This partition typically holds the security keys to boot the available operating systems. Furthermore you haven’t told us how your HDD is partitioned, and as prior posters have mentioned, most Linux distros will automatically do this for you at installation, just be sure and READ as much as you can at whatever distro you decide on forums, blogs, etc.

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