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Disk Partitioning for Win 2003 Server

By gquintana ·
I'm looking for a disk partitioning tool/utility for Windows 2003 server. I bought an IBM basic server and it partitioned my server with a 4G C Drive and now I'm running out of space. Its an EIDE HD so its very basic. Symantec has a product called Volume Manager but it only supports Win 2000 and they have no plans on Win 2003. What can I do to increase my 4G Partition without taking down my server thats in production at a small site? Thanks for the help.

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Add a mount point

by jdclyde In reply to Disk Partitioning for Win ...

You can mount other partitions and drives at a mount point on the C drive which makes it look like a part of the partition.

Just a thought.

For a better answer, post your questions under the Q&A section instead of the discussion section. They know their stuff over there..

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Solved this problem after suffering pain!

by longtail In reply to Add a mount point

I saw this method other place and tried,Self-delusion, it cannot solve this problem. After that I tried the free tool diskpart, It cannot help me either, except that I delete the partition D firstly.

At last, I paid 100 for a server partitioning sw and it works like a charm.

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Buy some time....

by Roger99a In reply to Disk Partitioning for Win ...

I'm still trying to fix what VolumeManager did to my server. I have heard that older versions of Partition Magic might work. Meanwhile, have you moved you swap file and all the apps & files you canto another drive? I wonder, since it's an IDE drive, can you ghost it?

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Acronis Disk Director Suite

by matterofacts In reply to Disk Partitioning for Win ...

I have looked at some evaluations of different products. Acronis Disk Director Suite seems to have the most versatility among different OS's and file formats. I have not found anything that works with Dynamic disks however.

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Very simple

by voicu In reply to Disk Partitioning for Win ...


I got that problem last year.

You can deal with it using VCOM PARTITION MANAGER.

Have a good time.


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try diskpart

by geek4hire In reply to Disk Partitioning for Win ...

Microsoft has a very basic partition management tool called diskpart. It's a free download, and I've successfully used it a few times to extend partitions.

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Partition Magic

by ceritek In reply to try diskpart

I have always found partition magic to be an excellent tool, always make a complete backup of you current drive first though just in case.........

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Partition Magic Won't Work

by laman In reply to Partition Magic

Partition Magic 8 won't work for server. You need Partition Magic 8 Professional to do the job.

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partition magic server

by 41991437 In reply to Partition Magic Won't Wor ...

yes,anotherone named ASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition may also support server:)

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Successfully Repartitioned Windows 2K3 with Partition Magic Server

by Saraline In reply to partition magic server

Yes, partition magic doesn't support Windows Server definitely as well as RAID.
Last year, when I try to extend my Windows 2003 Small Business Server with RAID array, partition magic fails to help me and I find on the Google that PQ doesn?t support Windows Server.

Finally, I have to Google with ? Extend Server 2003 partition? and get another Partition Magic Server alternative to extend my server 2003 system drive without reboot within several clicks. If anybody come across the same problem, here is a solution:

By the way, you would better to backup all the data firstly :

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