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Disk Quota in win2003 server

By williamoshea ·
Dear Collleagues,
I have enabled disk quota on a drive in windows server 2003. Created users home folders on this partition and copied their existing data over to this folders. But the quota is not updating. instead it hasallocated all the user data to the administrator who copied them over. How do I make the system understand that it should calculate the uasge for the users rather than think that all the data is mine.


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by lowlands In reply to Disk Quota in win2003 ser ...

you'll have to make sure the users are the owners of the files in their homedirectory. Depending on how many directories there are, you can do it manually. or you cn use a script to set the permissions. Look here for one of the best tools to set permissions

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by sathish_ampra In reply to Disk Quota in win2003 ser ...

This is because of the builtin administrator do not have any quota limit. Alternatively you can try adding new user in power user/Backup operator group and try to copy all the user data again.

This may solve your problem.


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by williamoshea In reply to

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Same problem

by ISTMajor In reply to Disk Quota in win2003 ser ...

I'm having almost the same problem. I created the user folders on the remote server, setup the quotas, even set it so that the admin group couldn't even read the folder it was strictly to the user and the user set to own it. Then from the User's PC I updated their "My Documents" to the corresponding folder on our server... All the files copied over no problem and showed "Servername/Administrator" as their owner there by not doing anything as far as the quotas were concerned. I just wanna know how on earth I can get the ownership to show up correctly.

I am using Server 2003, Vista, XP, and 2000 on my network. Any ideas?

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by r_designer In reply to Same problem

disk quota is calculated by ownership so give the ownership of these files to the user u want to decrease quota from
from security tap ---- advanced ----- owner then choose the user and press ok

good luck

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by ISTMajor In reply to ownership

I realize that my problem is that it's coming through as administrator. I need it to come through under the indaivdual's ownership or it make quotas more or less pointless as anything new copied through will come through as administrator anyway. I realize you are trying to help my problem is the ownership defaulting to admin for no real reason...

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Use SubInACL

by Mark.Melanson In reply to ownership

The BATCH script below will enumerate the directories in <YourHomeDirPath> and set the owner the same as the directory name. Assumes user home dirs are named the same as the user account.

for /f "tokens=*" %%A in ('dir /b "<YourHomeDirPath>"') do subinacl /subdirectories "<YourHomeDirPath>\%%A" /setowner="<YourDomain>\%%A"

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by etanirer In reply to Disk Quota in win2003 ser ...

PLS use "treesize view program" to find out how much space users are using. In the tree find RECYCLER part expand it and delete the files by right clicking one by one.
It works for me.

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