Disk Size Wrong in Explorer

By Spankth ·

I have installed Vista on my Mac, and wanted to partition it nicely, with a data partition. After many days of head scratching i found a MBR GPT sync tool. So I got Vista Installed. And everything was fine.

40Gb - OS X HFS+J, 40Gb - Vista Business NTFS, 150Gb Data FAT32

My only problem is, OS X sees the Data partition as 150Gb.
Vista explorer sees Data partition as 22.3Gb, but Disk Management says its 150Gb.

I tried copying over 40Gb to it in OS X, all went on fine. Booted back into Vista, all the data was there, and explorer is saying 6.5kb free and refuses to play ball!

Any ideas?
Thank you very much in advance.

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I think you'll find the problem here is the FAT32 Partition

by OH Smeg In reply to Disk Size Wrong in Explor ...

As Windows hasn't had native support for FAT32 for a very long time now XP ran happily on both in the early sub 127 GIG Size days but since that Windows has always required a NTFS Partition to work correctly.


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Any Solutions Other than reformatting?

by Spankth In reply to I think you'll find the p ...

I thought it did, since OS X doesn't have full native NTFS support, i thought FAT32 would be the way to go.

Since I would like to Read and Write from both sides, any suggestions?
Anyway to add proper FAT32 support to windows vista?


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None that I'm aware of

by OH Smeg In reply to Any Solutions Other than ...

But maybe someone else here has some ideas.


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My first response would be

by OH Smeg In reply to Any Solutions Other than ...

To convert the Drive to NTFS from the Command Line within Windows. But as you want FAT 32 Support I think you are out of Luck.


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