disk spindle speeds and RAID

By Gordinho ·
I've not tried this before and think it will be ok...

Compaq ML350 server: 36.4GB 10K UW320 disks, one is about to go failed state. I have some spare 36.4GB 15K UW320 disks for my DL360 boxes and was hoping I could just use one of them rather than have to spend 140 quid on a 10K disk to put in this server.

Any thoughts?

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Shouldn't make any difference

by neilb@uk In reply to disk spindle speeds and R ...

So long as there is enough space for the RAID segment, you should be fine.

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thanks fella

by Gordinho In reply to Shouldn't make any differ ...

All disks (X6) are configured as 1X RAID5 array and all are at 10K, you think it should be ok?

/sorry, just got burned with a recent HDD failure. I'm taking a backup now whilst the box is still up and running just in case

cheers for checking in


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Agree with NeilB

by cmiller5400 In reply to disk spindle speeds and R ...

I have put a 76.2GB 10K disk in an array with other 76.2GB 15K disks. I did not have any issues and this was a SQL server...

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As far as the Disc Speeds go

by OH Smeg In reply to disk spindle speeds and R ...

There isn't any difference other than the Access Times of the HDD itself.

What may be a issue here is the Connectors on the HDD's though. If they are not the same they are not going to easily fit.

However if they are and you address them correctly there will not be any problems. Only thing is that the 140 Quid sounds a bit too cheap for a new SCSI Drive though.


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seems happy enough

by Gordinho In reply to As far as the Disc Speeds ...

Ok, the 15K drive seemed to bed into the array ok...

happy days...

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