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Disk Write Erorr

By g_elton ·
I am receiving a disk write erorr on a computer that is running windows mellinium.The erorr message is;"cannot write to drive c: try rebooting." The hard drive is at capacity,so do I try backing up data and then delating files to try and correct this problem or should I replace the harddrive?

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by VinnyD In reply to Disk Write Erorr

You should first

1. Delete all the windows temp files
(c:\windows\temp is where they will be located)
2. Delete all the internet temp files.
(go into the control panel and Internet Options
use the delete button)

these 2 steps will not delete anything that you need. But should get enough disk space back to allow writing on the drive.

After these 2 steps if the write errors still occur, you may have a bad hard drive.

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by Duster52 In reply to Disk Write Erorr

Answer 1 will help you up to a point. Depending on how many temp files you have (and temporary internet files), you may have to do these steps more frequently than you want...

You can also empty the recycle bin.

A lot also depends on how many programs you have installed, how much data you have saved and the size of your hard drive. After you delete the temp files, think about un-installing programs you no longer need and archiving old data to a CD-R or floppy.

If you are still running out of space, your only solution is to replace the drive with a bigger one...But that is another discussion on the best way to do that.

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by wlbowers In reply to Disk Write Erorr

Buy a larger hard drive and move your information over to it before you are posting a question on how to recover a crashed hard drive.

Good Luck Lee

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by OTL In reply to Disk Write Erorr

I like the above answers and would like to add;

Under search look for ~*.* (temporary office files) and *.bak (Backup files) could free up a lot of disk space with these alone. also fff*.* as one version of IE created these as temporary files. All the above are ok to delete.

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by donmars In reply to Disk Write Erorr

The answers above are accurate to a point. You definately have to make room on your drive but if you are saying you are at capacity then you will need more room than you will be able to make without giving up a whole heap of your stuff! Do not forget part of the problem is that your computer also needs space for virtual memory. Get yourself another drive, as big as you can afford, make the present drive a slave and the new drive master and while you are at it this is a great opportunity to scrap the outdated OS headache otherwise known as Windows Me and install Win 2000 with service pack 4 running in FAT32 mode. Hopefully you have at least 128 Mb memory (2000 will run in 64 but....). REPLACE THE DRIVE but keep all your data and programs on the old one.

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