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Is this considered in your troubleshooting operations: You Say:"I did another Install; I rebooted;"
I actually have no real Idea if you are bootting and installing from diskettes or not or even CD's, the premise is the same as well as the requirments and limitations you can usethe boot or install thing only so many times, because the place you got it from usually set it up that way, and your equipment must be not only compatible but also must be able to support it, these coupled with the fact that the wares you are using must be able to work together also.

If these are could you followups to this illuminate how as it done.

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A serious answer

by JamesRL In reply to Diskettes?

Boot disks, either CDs or diskettes, can be booted from as many times as you like. When I did desktop technical support, I used the same boot disks over and over again, and installed the OS from my diskettes and left the ones that came with the computer in the package. It is perfectly legal and works just fine.

When installing Windows XP you are limited with most non-corporate licensed versions to installing it once, because the software needs to be activated by Microsoft. Each key can only be used once, but there is nothing unique on the CDs themselves - you can resue the same CD to install the OS as many times as you want, but you will have to use the unique key that came with the computer/OS license.

Most of the Windows based OSs have basic drivers that will function ok with most basic hardware(for example generic ethernet card, video card and modem drivers). But to make the system work the best it can, you need the latest drivers specific to your hardware. It is usually better to load the latest drivers off the internet than to trust the ones with the computer.


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