Diskless Windows XP client with Linux server

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Hi all,

I need to setup diskless pc for my school computer lab. Some of the pc will be on Linux and some on Windows XP. Therefore I guess my server should be on Linux.

I have search over the Internet and found 2 interesting Linux project, which is LTSP and DRBL. My question is that, if I were the need the Linux server to support Windows XP as client, which one should I use? LTSP and DRBL? Or both just can?t support XP as client?

Instead of the 2 above, is there any other software can do?

Please help. Thanks in advance.


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You'd have to run XP in a virtual machine

by seanferd In reply to Diskless Windows XP clien ...

and there a several choices of VMs for Linux hosts.

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Disk less XP

by david.mason In reply to Diskless Windows XP clien ...


There are currently no perfect Open Source solutions to boot both windows and linux diskless, one commercial solution is Double Take Flex usually around 70USD per desktop, or a combination of the usual linux gPXE solutions and something like ccboot for the diskless windows which works out around 10USD a seat.

so answer is at moment if u want one solution that does all its DoubleTake Flex but you have to pay but the additional features make it well woth the cost. we use it for our business and we have 2400 clients running win and lin successfully.

or the cheaper way is to have 2 servers on to stream linux one to stream windows and try this or ccBoot

hope that helps

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